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For your information I'm Jim Shannon CBS news Thursday morning March twelfth at one forty eight the morning traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks good news is for folks traveling on ninety five south bound in Virginia it does appear that the work so that was south of route seventeen south across the Rappahannock river bridge that has indeed been cleared from the roadway and all lanes have been re opened good news there not for driving on ninety five north bound from Fredericksburg and continuing up towards about way in Springfield no incident anyway three ninety five north they continue to work as you head north of showing ten circle toward Washington Boulevard single file left could you buy but as of late delays have been brief getting into and through the works on its length southbound three ninety five they've been working down here at some road only blocking a single left lane sixty six eastbound approaching twenty eight son of all given by the worse and single father left beyond that you've got the next works in between one twenty three Nutley street two lanes to left get you by and then as you venture inside the beltway first works on their exit sixty eight west Moreland street next works on east of Lee highway Washington Boulevard headed toward Boston each case down to a single left lane through the work sons George Washington parkway pretty quiet ride so far this morning keep your vehicle road ready which if you live signature service oil change tire rotation and more let's break services without an appointment at participating locations red China WTOP traffic storm team four still try to get a couple of showers trying to make their way on through the area they'll be out of here by the morning commute on your Thursday and really not a bad day a little bit warmer high temperatures in the upper fifties to low sixties with plenty of cloud cover during the day that's something we'll be seeing for ya more rain overnight Thursday night into Friday that rain coming fairly heavily during the morning commute on Friday but then getting out of here we'll see a beautiful afternoon high temperatures up to seventy four degrees back into the fifties though for the weekend I'm struggling for chief meteorologist Doug Kammerer weird forty six.

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