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On the outer loop near Georgia Avenue. We had issues on 3 95 going North found after the Pentagon crash along the right side. The incident shouldered in Manassas, 66. Companies before business to 34 icy conditions Still kind of in the area. So be careful. Anything that looks wet could be icy 29 South Bend in Colombia, the Rafter Broken Land Parkway ice had caused the crash. Reported accident Ellicott City 100 West near Long Gate Parkway and in the Circle and Odin Tin Production, wrote a Conway wrote. There was an earlier crash 50 at the Bay Bridge. You got two lanes East. Three Lanes West. Unfortunate You're dealing with wind warnings, but no vehicle restrictions. The reminder Metro not stopping at these stations inside the security perimeter for the inauguration, Farragut North Judiciary Square Union station. Archives. Arlington Cemetery, The Pentagon Fair, Good West McPherson Square, Federal Center, Southwest Capital, South Smithsonian Federal Triangle Metro Center and Gallery Place. Mark Train service suspended on the pen, Candid and Brunswick lines till tomorrow morning as his v R E. They're going to resume the S scurvy schedule plus Fredericksburg Line's trains. 303 +07. On Thursday morning. Start the new year where your community grows stronger. Joined the Y M C a Today with a $0 enrollment fee to learn more about this offer and the wise safety measures visit why M c a. D c dot or g'kar, Jack Taylor w T o p traffic and Let's check here with Lauren Rickets. Day in the weather Department are going to be the winds and a few flurries and maybe even a light rain showers. We continue through the morning more sunshine.

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