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That mammoths were around when they were building the pyramids. I know it's one of those weird. It's the only creature that i can think of. That fits in that time line in my brain my mind like my brain is small and can only hold so many things. So my timeline is like daigneault's mammoths people. A lot of your brain is occupied with Song lyrics that's true. Yes there's too much of that and not enough of other stuff. Like what is the difference between england and great britain and the uk is very hard. And i get mixed up all the time but you know the words baby. I'm a want you buy bread. All of them. And i think that's wonderful by the way one of the things that attracted me to you early on which your vast knowledge of the bread library is probably one of the bands that i know the least amount that's out there anyway. Mammoths were about twice the size of today's elephants and they wait up to eight tonnes how they had very very long tusks which which helped them fight predators and also they use them to pick grass and shrubs out of the ice they would chip the ice away with their tusks to to get to the the plants. Professor alice roberts of birmingham university said it was like a time machine into the past adding quote. It just doesn't look like an animal which died twenty eight thousand years ago. It looks so fresh almost alive. It's an historic moment. Most remarkable is the fact that it had those clean cuts on its back and several bones had been removed and found stacked neatly nearby. So they were able to learn so much because of this. It looked as though it was pretty skillful butchery although mammoths featured in cave paintings from that time this is the first evidence that humans preyed on them in the days when i she's covered forty percent of the northern hemisphere. We really had no indication that ancient humans prayed on woolly mammoths. But this shows that at least in this case they did okay in my mind. That was something that we knew. But i think in fiction the cover of clan of the cave bear you know and they're out there with spears taken down a woolly mammoth but there have been..

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