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Awake at a $49 furnace tuna by calling 809 four 8 Mike Traffic and weather on the 8th and one end breaks Rob's stallworth in the traffic center In the district will start in southwest on Martin Luther King Jr. avenues south capitol street getting report of a crash involving one overturn he may be under police direction for that issue in southwest on Martin Luther King Jr. avenue near south capital street Otherwise in northeast it's Rhode Island avenue near eastern avenue That's where we have the report of a crash South down D.C. two 95 you're on the brakes leaving Burroughs avenue headed down to a pass east capital street with travel lanes open No other problems being reported in the district but in Maryland looking pretty good on the beltway through Montgomery and prince Georges counties el primes on two 70 to speak of you guys remain clear leaving Rockville headed toward Frederick and Frederick at southbound 15 near three 40 Jefferson street exit 12 where you're under police direction for the crash in response to unseen Otherwise in Gaithersburg railroad street near oakmont avenue we had a gas leak you may be under police direction He'll issues on I 95 Bottom of Washington Parkway looking pretty good no problems on route 50 going to and from the bay bridge You guys remain clear in Virginia the beltway looks good between Alexandria and mcclain no problems on 66 westbound as you leave the beltway headed toward front royal but if you're southbound on I 81 this is near Strasburg exit At this point two 98 the left lane still blocked for the crash there to watch out for that Otherwise in Jefferson county West Virginia three 40 between the West Virginia and Virginia line south of Smith road traffic is alternating around the crime scene there I 95 southbound delays leaving lorton headed toward one 23 then again approaching and passing Dale City down toward dumplings north on I 95 slows through thornburg in the Fredericksburg headed towards rap ahead of river after the Senate port park where you should have a better ride toward the Springfield interchange with travel lanes open north Dan I three 95 just the mime leaving of course the GW Parkway headed up to and across the 14th street bridge with travel lanes open Jiffy lube service centers keep you moving from oil changes to Thai rotations to filters and wipers to a full range of services Visit jiffy lube D.C. dot com for a location near you I'm rock stallworth wtp track team fours Ryan Miller We've got mild weather and mostly cloudy conditions for your Sunday but big time weather changes coming in tonight and especially early tomorrow morning A coastal storm is going to form and with cold air coming in from Canada.

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