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Student. But it's also the college student junior or senior year. It's never too late to get the information you need to survive and thrive on campus. Right and i think one of the things that we are not We'll probably talk about this. Oh further down in the The interview is we are not an advocacy group because thankfully ad l. and san with us in opener media helped of many many many other organizations. That are out there that are doing important work that we can direct our students to go to to get clarity to learn about having more of an understanding about topics that just don't feel as well informed so again it's really about that landscape. What i call the ground the ground cover if you will to really give them a chance to be able to start to identify. What is it that i know and what is it. I'm still that. I'm lacking knowledge in and awareness So i think that's really really important to differentiate who we are in a sea of other acronyms out there. I was gonna follow up on. Jude's point the landscape knowing where to go when you get on campus and how to find your jewish path and the meaning in your jewish on campus is so integral to what we're doing here. It's not only the standing up for your jewish identity and standing up for israel standing up for who you want to be as you become a young adult in the world and so if you really care about hillary that's great if you wanna be in the jewish fraternity we understand to what tried talk. Doing is not only the anti zionist anti-semitism is also doing the meaning making on campus finding a place for these jewish students to come in find a place of belonging in connection. That is so true. Michelle this is really a group of people and organization that is looking to do something positive for the students and create a sense of community as we do so robin suburb building community in two different ways. One way is. We started this year with an internship program. We had twenty five insurance this summer. High school.

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