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Show up with trump junior but i this little beauty came out the other day adds up to a source of my joe with translator was at that meeting too i didn't i knew the translator was there but the guy's name was salmon chore nov that was his last name he was a contract and this interpretation had done work with who before the state department with the hillary clinton crazy how that happens on believable so three people are at the meeting who all have suspect you know what i don't wanna over i don't want to oversell that they have ties they hillary clinton they interpreted could possibly be innocent i'm just telling you again that the other the scenarios here for entrapment or thick one guy's lawyer is a clinton friend the other one is working for a company working for the clintons and the other one was an interpreter who had worked with the state department with hillary clinton unbelievable and we find out yesterday another great piece of chuck russell have in the show notes today which please check out dot com that the spy in the case this stefan helper who had been spying on the trump team for the fbi looking for information that trump team now we find out show he was talking to the media to says a great piece by chuck ross where an fbi with experts nf age with expertise in this spoke to chuck ross and a piece and the fbi and says joe why do you think you don't want a spy and informant why do you think you wouldn't want him talking to the press and it was it was very simple but it's genius way to put it to you know to get people who don't understand this fear in space thunder stand it.

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