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I'll be on descends. We'll be on both occasions and not his fault. You know, most recently San Sebastian, but pretty severe injuries. He's oversee back to fitness on fearlessness and so he joined up with that group. It was quite surprising then to see Bernal get dropped on the final climb as rogue Leitch thing and made a big effort and. Begins pay Bernal surprised that he wasn't able to stay with Pino Niba leeann I don't that claim. It was just it was like bare knuckle fighting. Pino was just taking lumps of Nibley who responded each time and looked pretty smoothly. Good. And they're both writers, I guess, who've had setbacks this year injuries or illness, and they've come back for season strongly nearly, of course won the race twice before, but Pino new to get rid of Niebler on. Eventually he did buy when it came. It was quite a surprise felt. Yeah, it was. He didn't really have to attack sun point right close to the summit. The TV actually looked. The hard work had been done by me, believe in to really grit his teeth for another few hundred meters. And then he was over the top and it would have been very difficult for peanuts to drop him from that point. But peanut obviously stretched him to to breaking point and the big difference obviously between but now the other two was lack of racing on bananas pot. At that terrible crushing Sebastian, and hasn't rice an awful lot since then. Whereas Niba Lianne Pino had the have Welshman legs and also racing since then there were some concerns when the was unveiled this year that it wasn't going to be as hard as a traditional Lamberti route because some federal by plying was taken out. So that would have come after the would have been the last climb largely by virtue of Nibley attack me early on the mono and wasn't the case. It was a very hard race pretty early on. Wasn't it from fifty case to go the battle really commenced between the guys. You know ticks came into it up to a point, a really was the strongest rider who prevailed Pino just hotter unhinged Niebuhr Lee with attack after it was interesting. That's what it took him there, and it wasn't a, it was probably the fourth or fifth acceleration in the end sly acceleration that go writing win. Niba is not one of these guys looks like he's struggling, but you've got the sense Pino picked up on something, you know, because he's attacked from the front. I'm when he when he went in Nibley just Luth. And I mean like me after well, for a five miles last week just you know, the the energy left his body any looked on the verge of clumps. And what was surprised when he was caught by the group behind. He went again, which should very see anyone while he wasn't. He was second. I think a recent if it can factor was the the, the team time benefit, both of them barring Morita than the numbers eight hunt behind the on his Gary and Domenico seveval were both. They're playing a prominent role in marking anything Franco saucy. He was a while. Yeah, yeah, south today, these becoming at the a team. And yeah, he was there quite a long time. Viva especially looked very fresh and very able to respond, not just made things a little bit more difficult by Donmar and had a few goes road pretty well. I think that played into the hands of the the guys up front and obviously the one thing they couldn't..

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