Ukraine, Chief Meteorologist, Marshall discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Think it's a disaster because basically we need to get military assistance to Ukraine so they can defend against Russia. content ABC news. partly cloudy for the overnight hours with a chance for some showers even a few thunderstorms late in the overnight will drop to fifty nine for the low on Sunday seventy six in the afternoon but that's gonna come with some scattered showers even a few thunderstorms and on Monday the showers and in the morning with sun in the afternoon on ABC six first warning chief meteorologist Marshall might peak on your severe weather station news radio six ten WTVN. is. from coast to coast and worldwide on the internet this is coast to coast AM with George Knapp now here's George I don't know if we can say the Mississippi is the home of the blues but it is certainly one of the homes of the blues ZZ Top my head's in Mississippi we are talking tonight with a lifelong Mississippian Calvin Parker about an amazing experience he had along with his friend Charles sits in back in nineteen seventy three for a long time those two were the only witnesses to this event that's not true anymore since the book came out a year ago witnesses have come forward to bolster the story and in the next segment we're gonna talk about some of those witnesses as well as.

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