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The second time in less than a week on friday voting in a stormy session to have the tomb of the patriarchs the old st they would meet with this you're gonna fit you're going to learn a lot about what this is in the old city of hebron in the west bank which is not the west bank inscribed as a palestinian world heritage site endanger so the old city of hebron as he bronze sound like hebrews or does hebron sound like arabs whoa justin swab sights on unesco's world heritage list are usually done by show of hands among all the member states but three countries poland croatian jamaica requested a secret ballot several states objected leading to a shouting match between delegates in israel ambassador carmel sharma haka account storming to the desk of the sessions chairman to make israel's case there kerfuffle ended after the chairman a polish diplomat called insecurity hot cohen sharma hot cohen accused the sessions chairman of not conducting a truly secret ballot is the chairman ordered the delegates to come up to the front of the hall and put a sealed envelope into a box in front of the other diplomats the israeli armed boy claimed he was promised the vote would take place behind the curtain hoping that would enable delegates from moderate arab states the reject the palestinian lead bid this was contrary not only to history but also unesco group of experts excuse me a unesco group of experts who declined to recommend the proposal said the palestinian heritage request was too focused on muslim history it was weak has neglected jewish and christian history at the place before the mamluk period and so forth all right some people want to know i am coughing i am fighting asthma that's why and coughing that we will get on top of it now let's talk about this place the old city of hebron over there are buddy at the right scoop prime benjamin netanyahu was furious with this decision by unesco.

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