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1 800. 522 47 100. So with that Let's talk about UFC 2 64, Shall we and joining me to do that, as he does? Anytime I talk UFC is Scott Kanevsky. Scott. Great to talk to you again, buddy. How are you? I'm doing Well, Ryan, Thanks for having me on man. Yeah. Always my pleasure. Uh, so Want to start with the question of We know what I think is on the line for both of these guys. If they win, right and that would you agree? That's a title shot for whoever wins. Totally. Okay, So I think the more interesting question is what happens for the guy who loses who has more to lose tomorrow night, Dustin Poirier or economy? McGregor. I'd say Portrait Toria has more to lose. You know if he loses It's not that big name guy that can come back and get another paper view event he could be on will be on a million card, but he won't be that guy that people are clamoring to buy pay per view. You know events. Conor if he loses, as he's been doing more often than not lately, just keep getting the main event of paper views. Well, I don't see. You know, if Connor loses well, he'll move on. He'll have a fight in another six months when he's ready. He'll make another Load of money, and people will pay to watch them fight. When I think back to the last time these two guys fought it was a very different Conor. That took part in all the lead up to this. It was almost like he was trying to Like half of it was he was trying to kill Dustin portray with kindness. The other half of it was like he was in this like weird, introspective place. Where he was very much. Contemplating his legacy and all this kind of stuff, Whatever it was, whatever mix of it, it didn't work, and we have seen a very different a more normalized. Connor. Gregor. Do you think that that is just him playing another part? Or do you think that That last time around that him not attacking fight week the way he normally does affected him in the fight with the supporting it. I think I think he's trying to drum up more by. Okay. He knew the last time he was fighting for EA. It was already selling well. People were excited to see him get back in. He beaten for EA the first time they met. This time around. I think he knows. You know, not a lot of people. I don't think a lot of people outside spite bands Really are as interested in this as they were last time that you met with the way for e It kind of picked apart corner. Until I still don't understand why they made this third fight. Um you know, I kind of poor days should've either fought for the belt or should be already in line for a shot at the belt. This just feels like the USD putting corner out there and, you know, four years happy to take a paycheck as he should be. But I think Connors you know, throwing hot sauce and Putting out trying to kick Korea during the pre fight face off, just trying to drum up some extra bytes. I think you and I are on the same page about this. This fight. It sure sounds like it. But let's play this scenario and go to the betting aspect of this. If you were to bet on Connor, what would be the bet you would make Mhm. Conor by KO, I think would be the way to go. If you're looking for a little value. I mean, you can even get value on corner just to win because he's a slight dog here. Um, but if he's going to win, it's going to be by by a K O. He's not gonna He's not going to outlast Korea for five rounds. Uh so you might you probably get a little bit of Value there for him to win by K O or T K all That's where I'm at. I'm economy Gregor right now on Fanjuls minus one. Oh, two, so that I mean, that's That's decent. Uh, for sure. I know that, Uh I don't get as good of a payout with my bet that Italy is gonna win tomorrow. So, uh, that's better value. But, um, that's where I'm at two plus 1 50 counter to win by K O OR T K O. I don't think I don't think that there's another Connor McGregor bat. Worth. Worth. Really? Considering because I'm with you. I don't think he wins any other way. Um, what way would you take off the table for Dustin pouring? Probably take Oh, boy. That's a good question. I think you probably take off Take off the submission. Um, I think he can do it. He can win by submission, especially if you're not Connor down and takes his back. I think Korea, you know it is looking to do what he did last time out. Strike him out. Shoulder him if you will. Knock him down and just going and pummel, Um and finish it that way. I mean, you know, guys like to finish this Connor. If they have a chance, they want to punish him just because you know it gets the fans on their feet. Connor. Connor raises eyebrows. He draws attention. Guys. Guys like to punish them if they have that chance, and I think we'll see you from Korea again tomorrow night. Yeah, I'm with you. So you're so you're thinking this thing ends in a knock out one way or another, and you're leaning towards poor ea being the one to finish Connor. Absolutely. I don't. I definitely don't see a goal in the distance. Um, you know, we we don't see Conor go five rounds. He'll either gas out or will knock somebody out. Um, Pori has just been in fantastic shape his last few fights, you know, Actually, he's been He's been in shape for five years. Now. It just only can get them to be, which is You know, you've got everybody Um, that's true. Yeah. Poor poor. Yeah. You know, the fight's not going the distance that I think for a does it again by KO Scott Canete scheme, I guess..

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