Bob Dylan, Richard Avedon, New York discussed on Marketplace All-in-One - Hearst's Joanna Coles: magazines are a finger beckoning to the future


Um but i do if you want to point out have a wonderful picture of bob dylan walking through central part will actually down central part west by richard avedon which is the companies uh so you have given one badly have to give that when they find me and i will know that when they had of security refuses to let me through the turnstiles where i have to come every day this is probably good moment than talking about you going fired to point out that you've only been in this job like a year why half i have so i'm hoping for a little bit more ramli you never say never say 'never koubek a permanent before we get to you in magazines in in media and new york you used to be a daily news journalist amine doing daily coverage i did tulsen store well i started outs the daily telegraph the daily news reporter i moved then to the guardian and then i moved to new york as the correspondent for the guardian moved to the times of london and really it was the best job you could imagine you could cover any story wanted in america i liked say there was no violent crime too violent for me to cover a no small town too small for me to visit so i had a wonderful time travelling all over america and actually it turned out to be fantastically good training four navigating stays media landscape which changes every day and anybody who tells you where it's going to be in a year is lying 'cause nobody knows only get there in a minute but one of the reasons i have read that you left dili journalism and got into magazines is because you wanted to to um have a different pace in your life.

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