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Stocks dropped today as investors braced for the start of corporate earnings season which officially kicks off tomorrow when JP Morgan Goldman Sachs and bank of America tell us how they did in the first quarter and oil prices were little changed despite an agreement between Saudi Arabia Russia and the U. S. to collectively withhold more than thirteen percent of the world's oil production combined with existing sanctions these measures would roughly cut twenty million dollars or twenty million barrels a day from production at the close the Dow is down three hundred twenty five points to twenty three thousand three hundred ninety three the S. and P. is down twenty eight and the nasdaq is up thirty eight points from the colon but the group I'm Aaron Spitz Nur this is the mark I news talk eleven thirty W. I. S. at when certain people make stuff and throw it away nobody pays any attention I'd like to come up with an example but I don't have one give an example what what what you know.

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