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Eleven forty W. R. V. a local news at the top and thirty minutes past the hour on use radio W. R. V. A. Dorian slowly making his way toward the Bahamas this hour and taking a slight turn in projections for the coming week the category four hurricane still being called life threatening packed with one hundred and fifty mile per hour winds Bahamian prime minister Hubert Minnis urging people on the smaller islands are keys to move to the mainland saying surges of at least a foot or more expected seventy three thousand residents would be impacted by this dumb and twenty one thousand homes would be impacted we are moving as many as possible still that many residents who are refusing to move and be send this final plea axing them to kindly moved says to safer ground the track now not expected to make landfall in Florida but possibly now in the Carolinas or Georgia Hong Kong violence between demonstrators and police escalating today and it's thirteen straight week for protests from tens of thousands of pro democracy marchers Michelle Franzen ABC news mostly to partly sunny skies this afternoon temperatures close to eighty degrees with low humidity Karen just a couple of showers if you are east of ninety five today we have partly cloudy skies an overnight low temperatures in the mid sixties friends the twelfth I mean urologist Meghan wise with news radio eleven forty W. R. VA and no one ninety six point one FM I want I need you need to know what's going on it's the information you want it's the information you need on newsradio W. R. V. A..

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