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Here's your thoughts are well you know the the rich only get richer here uh between that and overcast peak signing on for the victim of yesterday which with an incredible value uh they they didn't necessarily need nick young there they're probably gonna lose even clark from their beds but you'd expect patrick unconscious second your vehicle to step into that spot they restarted shaun livingston and andrea donnellan and now they just have even more depth on the perimeter another shooter that opposing have to account for so you know those the rich get richer talked with kevin paul nine espn radio and the pnm this milwaukee derek rose kevin or and i was going to talk to the clippers on wednesday which is the matter spot frontier rose i finally trying to get my way to the clippers if i were derek rowe said that's a chance to play on competitive chiam uh you know one of the pick and roll with blake griffin although i i love oh it's almost vacheara point guard so we lasted for second i'm sorry continue i'm sorry but here rose go ahead yeah i i like the idea with chris paul levy if they have really big griffin the point guard putting the ball and his and so i don't know how jericho's with fit in with that obviously you wouldn't in milwaukee at someone similar where you know yana said they could both serbs is sort of a defacto one cards that have a lot of time off and i i don't know that you want to take the body this is his hands to give it to their gross characterize chris marshes career look his was over moves officially over for miami heat splash in the heat ways talk a little bit about his career.

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