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All three hours download the app and you can watch for free. We say good morning to those on chat row. Also listening on the radio affiliates around the country. Jim Jackson, our good buddy, former NBA great. Now working for NBA on TNT will join us coming up. It feels like there's more and more conversation about the Lakers doing something maybe with Anthony Davis. I don't want to troll you and say, oh, let's talk Lakers because that's still the focal point of the NBA. But is there something there or should there be something there? That's what I'm curious about. So we'll talk to Jim Jackson coming up here in a little bit. Tonight, college, basketball, also to Matt games always love matching. There's a report out today on ESPN dot com that we could see games in Spain and France in the future. Peter king said Spain is real. Germany is probably going to get one or two games, perhaps coming up in a season, and France is also there as well. Also, there's talk about the NBA and expansion Mexico City came up as a place. Feels like Vegas is inevitable, but if you're going to have one team, you're going to have two teams, what about Seattle? And Mexico City came up yesterday. Poll question for the final hour, seat O'Connor is. Dan, last hour we had which NFC team do you expect to make the playoffs options where commanders packers falcons, cardinals, packers running away with that one 52% of the vote. We also had which NFC team do you expect to fall out of the playoff picture? Options there were bucks, giants, cowboys, and forty-niners. If you want to guess who's leading that one, bucks, giants, cowboys forty-niners. Pauly? I'm gonna guess the anti cowboy sentiment will win over here, cowboys. You're very close. They're in second place with 25% of the vote. Bucks, giant forty-niners remain. Buccaneers. The giant stand 40% of the vote people have them dropping out. All right. We're gonna do basically the same two poll questions, but with the AFC. Which team do you expect to make the playoffs? We're giving you chargers, Bengals, colts, browns. And which team do you expect to fall out of the playoff picture? We're giving you ravens jets, bills, patriots. Okay. I still can't help but think about what the Buffalo Bills are and what they're going to be because you lose to the Vikings, embarrassing collapse. Back in 2019, the bills lost in devastating fashion to the Cardinals on what became known as the Hale Murray. Buffalo would go on to win 8 straight on their way to the AFC championship 2020 Buffalo Bills, suffered a loss to the Patriots on a Monday night. Mac Jones threw for just 19 yards in the wind, bills went on to win four of their last 5. Then this weekend, the loss to the Vikings, is that the start of a similar story. The bill still have four divisional games left before they wrap up the regular season.

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