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Had formed back in twenty fourteen as a private sector economic development group They were their aim was to cover. Both larimer and weld counties They took over Really for the the old meet northern colorado economic development corporation which had existed for quite a few years and That that had resulted from the merger of organizations in fort collins loveland but One no co A has officially decided to disband. And they will distribute their remaining resources about forty thousand dollars to the fort collins loveland and greeley chambers of commerce as well as the northern colorado legislative alliance So it it really has changed the landscape for the economic development efforts for northern colorado of course there is a really based upstate colorado economic development. Which has focused mainly on brilliant weld county but upstate also is working with her has been working with a lot of other organizations and governments including lamoure county and economic economic development officials within different cities around larimer and well counties There's a program called northern colorado. Ready are edi. That's not an organization. But really collaboration. And i think that's where the focus will be going forward in terms of regional economic development initiatives. We'll so does this mean that. This kind of leaves an opening here northern car. Do you think it's going to be filled or do you think it's just something that that might be picked up by some of the ones that you just mentioned. It remains to be seen Right now as i said that northern colorado ready which stands for regional economic development initiative is is a collaboration among the local chambers of commerce in cla upstate and and some of the governmental bodies. That i mentioned right now that that again will be just a a program not an independent organization Upstate is very very much involved in.

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