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The the supreme court ruling eight to nothing that Nixon had to release the final tapes several months to get through the court system when it first started. But eventually Nixon knew that this June twenty third tape that we had talked about. Now, this is June twenty third a seventy two six days after it happened was the famous smoking gun tape where Nixon and Haldeman or talk and his aid and Nixon is telling Haldeman look tell the CIA to tell the FBI to cut off this investigation. Don't go any further into it. Tell them that. It's it's a CIA operation. And it's going to open up the bay pigs thing which everybody wonders pigs. That's the talking Kennedy mean Kennedy did that mean killing Castro. Nobody is actually knows what that. Meant. But there's Nixon's boy saying cut this off tell the CIA to get the FBI to cut it off. Well, that's clearly obstruction of Justice. It's clearly against the law. It went against two years of Nixon's defense, and once that Cape got out Nixon had no more support in the congress or the Senate. There was no way he would have been not impeached, and he wouldn't have had enough votes to survive because remember he'd spent two years spouting off the whole different way. And this tape that came out at the end of July of seventy four made him guilt. Well, let me ask you the question here because the CIA it's funny how they keep popping up these conversations. And if you go back, I mean, there's been a lot of people out. There is asked the question what kind of involvement did the CIA have with JFK Guinness fascinated? Maybe no involvement in the water, but he wanted to CIA. So he must've knew that the CIA was the crooked guys will take care of these. Turn it full circle. Mystery question of what that actually sure now he had no choice but to resign after that. So he gets on national TV a week later. And he announces that he's resigning in the next day. He makes a speech to his cabinet. He gets on the helicopter and off go. Okay. Let me say hi to Chris Tony. And he's got a question for Chris. How're you doing man, you're on ESPN? All right. Dave good show. Thank you. Yeah. Yeah. I read that space. So I liked what he said that. Everybody. My hate you. But they can't win back. But. Beautiful line. You're right. I was wondering did you talk about baby Rosa, I caught most of it. But. I was, you know, do you think? Well. Involved with like the slush fund wasn't there. Yeah. There were secret funds. Chris that were available to the president BB. Rosa was. A wealthy friend of Nixon's who always kind of funneled money to him in the campaign and was kind of to Nixon's best friends throughout his life. Yes. Him in a Greek Greek business magnet by the name. Tom Pappas where the two were the money guys behind Nixon when Nixon set in the one the one tape conversation that came out he said, well, yeah, I know where we can get you remember that. Yeah. It's not gonna be no problem. It's not gonna be any problem. I can get it. That's what caused all havoc to break loose. Because John dean new at that exact moment that I'm in trouble too. I'm going to prison. And so is everyone else. I better get to the prosecutors and. The rest are jumping ship. I went off, you know, there's got the free rein to swim. Yeah. He just always out for himself. The end. Well, here's a question is John dean, the modern Cohen, Dave. No, I don't have. I'm not an interesting question, but to do with it. But are they the same animal? Yeah. I don't know. I think Cohen's going to be proven to be a big time rat and stuff. And of course, with all set about dean until the I guess he proved that he was telling the truth. That's something. We're going to have to stay tuned for further. Details the way this. Hey, chris. Thank you for calling. Listen to the show man because I gotta take a break. So let's call tomorrow night. If you wanna Tony's going to be back on board to answer questions. We'll do a little follow up show. So thanks, Chris. Thank you. Tony. I'm looking at the clock, brother. Here comes at truck rumbled on down the road. So you know, what? I mean, it's time for another little short break narrowbody on.

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