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It's very conspiritors if you don't have to be outdoors that's the bahamas foreign minister darren. Hen field saying power lines down. Lamp posts are down. It's dangerous to be outdoors so brian. Mcnulty is the bahamas going to get a break from dorian. <hes> unfortunately not real soon <hes> it's just been an unimaginable thing to have happened there to have a category five his hurricane to come in and start all over the the grand bahama basically for twenty four four hours <hes> so things will gradually improve at the storm starts to drift north but as of now it's just literally adrift one mile per hour so it's not in any hurry to leave those places who ecorse wanted to move away as quickly as possible things start to see what has happened and how the start trying to get people <hes> found in <hes> so that stalling of dorian over the bahamas means that they've been suffering from one hundred twenty mile an hour winds if not more and ceaseless rain lashing a grand bahama especially. Why did it stall for so long. Yeah there. There was a bit you've uh it was always forecast to come to a gradual stall and then turn north near the florida coast but the length length that stalin was not really foreseen to well <hes> and so what happened is the ridge to north which is what would help steer it <hes> west a little bit and a trough to its north as well. That's coming across the eastern u._s. u._s. <hes> that that is what was kinda slowing down the trough moving in to.

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