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This is something that if putin in fact feels that he could be pushed out of power and member it's less than thirty percent of the russians that actually support putin right now especially the the younger population of that. This could is something that could spin out of control with taiwan. i think it's a different issue yes. I think that Ah paying is under some pressure internally. But i think this at least the exercises around your massing large Amounts of ships and an aircraft carrier ending incursions into the eight is is sending the message of if we decide to take taiwan. We the chinese. We're gonna take it and there's nothing you can do about it. I think that would be major strategic blunder on the part of the chinese. But i do think it's something that at least they want to point out that they have the capability if they want to do that to say in the way i'm going to say the dr parker Suppose the russians and the chinese and everybody talks to each other and say it's time to all of us move that same time. Well i think that's one of the concerns that this is Really the first time. We've seen it when the russian and chinese have a coordinated effort together ear and the clearly We're talking to each other. The russians and the chinese and they had simultaneous action happen if that happens that is a problem for us Not one that the us couldn't Deal with especially alongside our friends and allies. But i don't think. Russia china or the united states. Want to end up in a in a war with each other so i do believe at the end of the day so long will be smart about it. unless like i said you have the situation we talked about four and i think no vol name. In russia in particular could be that tinderbox they could end up pushing russia Now you were very very high levels In the maybe the fact is Admiral stavridis has written a book. And it's supposed to be a fiction book that we're gonna make into a confrontation with the chinese by twenty thirty four. But i think there's a lot of americans worried that it could happen before that. What well admiral stavridis wrote the foreword for my last book. And we've known each other for a long time smart man And i think when you read through that book there's a lot in there although it is it is fiction. There's a lot in there that could certainly happen Do i think it could Spin out of control earlier. yes i do think that's possible. I think that we have to have I call it strength through firepower. We need to have enough forces and we need to show that we have the intent to to execute article five agreements. In other words that we would Support any of our allies. That are in fact check. I mean that's really the the basis behind Mehta So so at the end of the day. I think that there is that possibility. I don't think that's a high probability right now but certainly It's concerning when you have. Two major countries rushing china Acting simultaneously in these kind of efforts now in the last day. or so. you seem the russians. Kinda back off the coast a little bit. And you're seeing the last Air-defense identification zone incursions by the by the chinese. So part of this also might've been a first stage test to see what the united states would it. There's also been some allegations from a lot of people in washington That some of the people appointed under the latest administration have been out to push out. Some people were appointed roasted levels in high levels in the military under the trump administration. Have you heard that at all. I heard lots of rumors about that..

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