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We heard from other deputies that they would go out and essentially look for reasons to give tickets to people who were on the list Again kind of as part of that whole we're going to be hyper hyper aggressive. It you make this list. And that was when people who were targeted in their family members and neighbors really started to raise questions about the style of policing and a number of juveniles under the age of eighteen have been targeted or ensnared in in this program and that is because the sheriff's office has been data information about students in the pasco county school system. How did pasco schools get involved with his intelligence police program. So here's the thing as it's been described to these are actually two different programs kind of the general intelligence led policing program with these prolific offenders as their term for people who wind up on the list and and we were ultimately able to obtain the list of prolific offenders. From the sheriff's office there were about thousand people on it and at least one in ten were kids. It was kind of hard for us to tell who was a juvenile when they were targeted because the sheriff's office didn't tell us when people were added to the list so we just tied the names of everybody who had ever been novelist. And how will they are currently But we know that at least one in ten were eighteen years older younger also under the umbrella of this intelligence led policing effort. Was another program going on where the sheriff's office was actually mining data from the pasco county school district so they were looking at school grades looking at attendance records looking at student discipline on the kind of sucking that information up into a different algorithm and they were marrying it with information coming from the child welfare system that said if children have experienced traumatic events in their lives. I had parents who had substance abuse issues if they had been abused or neglected etcetera. We're using all of that information to create a separate list of school children who they thought were likely to become career criminals down the line. You know we really weren't able to figure out if there was any crossover between who were on the two lists if you will because we weren't able to obtain the list of of school children But it did raise some really interesting and important questions about why they were collecting that data whether it was legal for them to be collecting that data from the school district. And frankly how they were using it. So this just sounds like a sprawling enterprise for the pasco sheriff's office to be involved in. Because i imagine you've gotta have a whole apparatus of people who are gathering this data and analyzing it and then it filters down to officers on the beat who are expected to go out and check on these people and see if they're if they're engaging in criminal behavior. Yeah absolutely what. If one of the things that chris nocco sought to do when he became. Sheriff was to really make this concept of intelligence led policing as as pasco really developed to make that style of policing kind of the backbone of the entire agency so he applied for federal grant. Money to build up kind of intelligence led policing department if you will to higher analysts to by the computer equipment to really beef up the networks but then also to.

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