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Either you play hardball and you say screw it i'm all in all you do a back and forth song and dance and you leave chance hush please let's listen i'm teaching you something right here pay attention i know you used to sitting in the corner with a big dunce hat on okay but i'm gonna lie you allow you to sit in the front row i'm allow you to sit in the front row and then as you raise your hand raise your hand politely regime politely and i'll say a little boy little boy in the front you can have the floor you can have a question there's only one way to do it albert and if you don't see it you're too dumb to pay attention that's the only way to do it and now hold on albert how hold on hold on hold on hold on okay now albert little albert in the front row okay you can talk now bill albert albert albert we're talking to you albert seen this now now we're talking ability now billy has his hand raised i'm allow billy to talk do you wanna talk or not do you wanna talk album go ahead ability do you wanna talk what you do here's what will make is okay you deprive the patriots of your abilities in your presence you don't go on instagram and act like a child you don't make these these tweets and you don't attract attention from the outside you can listen to what i just said did you not even okay listen albert listen listen albert okay go clean the bathroom cleaning urinal make sure there's lots of coffee cups and paper towels for everyone to wash their hands with and dry their hands with.

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