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I'm Richard cancer lands for re opening economies vary from state to state Georgia governor Brian Kemp wants a partial re opening in his state this Friday federal officials say that is not a good idea even president trump and Dr Anthony Fauci are voicing their opposition to the governor's plan there are certain check points before you can even think about going into a phase one a source familiar with the phone call between president trump and Georgia governor Brian camp says the conversation was amicable but the president as a governor if he could limit the businesses re opening until may first ABC's Meghan to Vizient later governor camp declared the re opening would proceed as scheduled president trump citing the pandemic in taking action to stop new immigration to this country in order to protect our great American workers I've just signed an executive order temporarily suspending immigration into the United States the president making the announcement of the Wednesday evening briefing this will ensure that unemployed Americans of all backgrounds will be first in line for jobs as our economy reopens York Attorney General attention James declared she's ready to sue to stop the order declaring it antithetical our word to American beliefs analysts said US space command believe the satellite launch Iran trumpeted one successful military command says it's tracking to objects in earth orbit they were launched from Iran when is the actual number satellite the other the last rocket stage they got it into orbit Iran has tried for years to achieve this goal it's a concern to U. S. officials who say around satellite program as a cover to develop intercontinental ballistic missile A. B. C.'s Louis Martinez at the Pentagon royal Canadian Mounted Police investigators say Gabriel Wharton was acting alone when he shot and killed at least twenty two people over multiple locations in Nova Scotia last weekend Orton's motive still undetermined investigators believe there are more victims in the ashes of multiple homes that were torched during the episode you're listening to ABC news five oh three now accuse radio six ten WTVN traffic and weather mornings and afternoons on news radio six ten WTVN first look at your Thursday with Johnny hill start with an early structure fire reported the intersection of grant and eleventh on the north side to be extra careful here if you're a traveling just west of seventy one and west of the Janice center over by the fairgrounds overnight construction wrapping up on that stretch of Henderson road near three fifteen also green lawn at seventy one south Greenlawn right to seventy one south of clothes again during the mid day starting after the morning rush traffic and weather together powered by temp star and classic air time Johnny he'll love these radio six ten WTVN ABC six first warning weather from meteorologist Jim good all rain moves in this afternoon sticks around for tonight could see half an inch to one inch of rain when it's all said and done the hike day fifty six again showers tonight it stays mild below forty six bring up for Friday high of sixty two bit soggy again on Saturday a high of sixty one showers windy colder Sunday a high of fifty two whether it's powered by the basement doctor partly cloudy now forty four in marble cliff forty five your severe weather station newsradio six ten WTVN this is a service of legacy retirement group Ohio governor Mike DeWine says hospitals will be permitted to resume elective surgeries and is easing of restrictions during the corona virus pandemic says the original order had unintended consequences I can tell you that an adorably at least some of the stories that I've heard that some of the procedures on the surgeries that we had no intention of stopping I have been postponed and frankly that his concern me a great deal the order was originally put in place to preserve medical equipment for covert nineteen patients as of Wednesday there are more than fourteen thousand confirmed improbable covert nineteen cases statewide the death toll from the virus now stands at six hundred ten in Ohio close city council president Shannon Hardin supports a financial moves mayor injure get theirs made since declaring a state of emergency I got a good job of keeping us abreast of the.

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