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Iraq three hours of morning about the ads that they're putting up about the rhetoric he uses but if you agree that rhetoric can lead to incitement even if it just triggers one person to do something terrible does it give you any pause about putting these people's names out in public well really there already public they're already out there their land and retirees in one home makers were not public right and this was already circulating I shared it so I didn't create the graphics now I don't have anything to do with that says watching yeah we're came from it just wound up I was hacked my two I'm with that my Twitter account was hacked by the Russians yeah and they put that on there in order to discredit my brother and trump did it because he thinks my brother's a threat graphic what grabs trump's full you know that this is all going back to trump because he's connected to the Russians wait there's a graphic on my Twitter account winner list on here you know like with a cloth just like what a move it's like you spend the whole interview been like out course I totally stand by this and at the end user plating address why did make the graphic I didn't have that much responsibility and do that much how embarrassing and you know what he expected of course you know what he expected when he went on morning Joe on MSNBC he probably wasn't expecting the Willie Geist treatment which was which again I said decent but you were expected to make a treatment where they just not together in bovine agreement about how great he is about how horrible trump has come on you you've got you've got Maggie Haberman for The New York Times treating and if I want to re tweet this because I don't want to put these people's names in my feet but this is dangerous by any campaign Yasser our Li the campaign of a member of Congress targeting individual donors and their businesses to another campaign and not famous billionaires is a terrible and dangerous precedent to set also this isn't even walking casters opponent not that it would be okay if it were so I think you're gonna see because receded to leave retweeted this and said chairman Castro they don't like it when you need their donors the public needs to know who funds racism there publicly calling these people racists I think that there's probably a class action lawsuit in this and I would be more than happy if I wanted these people to join it I love that receives only because of chairman Castro she was she was gonna call comrade and ended up with a K. and into center I'll go with the soft comment all Colin chairman because he's the chairman of the Hispanic caucus but still like she's using chairman as is honorific it sounds so weird you know it's strange I Castro pressing his own constituents how does a.

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