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Well! so He seems to be an archetypal it's. Child Abuser. Who has been one step ahead of the system throughout his criminal career, just looking at? The bioch- of his crimes and his life that that is emerging. He's German who spent a Lotta time in Portugal? In fact, he seems to shuttle between Portugal Germany every time he gets in trouble in. Germany flits to Portugal. He seems to escape the German justice system at least three times I in ninety when he fled to Portugal. From a jail sentence in Germany for sexually abusing children in Nineteen ninety-five earliest that. He was then later jailed in two thousand six in Portugal for theft, so he committed crimes in Portugal. He then goes back to Germany that in two thousand sixteen again he leased. Portugal when facing prosecution for sexually abusing a child. He was extradited back to Germany in twenty seventeen. and started serving a sentence for drug offenses then in December last year. Just December twenty nineteen. He was convicted of the rape of a seventy two year old woman American. Woman who lived in Pride Aleutian Portugal. Half a mile from where Madeleine McCann was abducted. And this happened in two thousand and five so two years before Madeleine, mccown was abducted. Only, just been brought to justice for that crime. That's one part of the evidence that puts him there. There's much more compelling evidence that puts him within a mile of the apartment. Before she was abducted in two thousand seven. The mobile phone evidence shows. He had a phone call on the phone. Call with puts him. In the vicinity of the apartment on the night, she went missing. he lived in a farmhouse in prior to Louche lived there for many years. And he moved out of that place shortly off. She went missing he also. Changed the registration of his car that had import. You'll the day after Madeleine. McCann went missing. Changed the registration he got friend apparently to put the registration in his name in Germany. He's well known. He's well known to the German officials. He could have been well known to the Portuguese he. It seems he might have been looked at. We're not clear about this, but this is. This is a man with a history of. Abusing children history of burglary, his of drugs offenses. And like I, said at the beginning. You know he's. He's a sex offender. One look at him when you're clearing the should have been led into focus a little more on him in the first place. And we should say he is currently appealing dot, twenty nineteen rape conviction, but. You've just laid out a string of crimes to his name. Would you have expected? The police investigation might have been able to identify him as a key suspect earlier on in the case. That's a big question I. Don't know, but I think that. He should have been one of the P pulled. You would've looked at. You should look at known sex offenders. Now the Portuguese might well say. They didn't know he was a sex offender hadn't actually at the time committed sex offenses. The Bay knew about in Portugal but. This was two thousand and seven. This wasn't nineteen eighties. We have a European arrest warrants. We have apparent cooperation between countries in Europe. It seems to me that was. Extraordinary lack of eyes on this man. Given his history. Do we know if there's any physical evidence linking him to this crime? I don't I. Think it's interesting to see that they've identified him his way back. In two thousand seventeen, he was identified as a key suspect in the McCann case, three years have gone by, and which were told the British police and the German police have been an awful lot of work on this man. And I think it's interesting that last week they chose to identify him in Germany and Britain. To me, that smacks of. We haven't got any physical evidence. We need put out another appeal to get more information. Maybe the loss. Throw the dice to get some information some evidence on him. But, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the half got forensic evidence and they're just. Putting this out there to see what else they can get. It's interesting that the German police have said they clearly. This is a murder investigation. The participation of always called a missing persons inquired because they have no evidence. The child has been harmed. Sandra Dean competency if the initial investigation. Left to vacuum really which was filled by disgraceful media coverage, and these things combined left a trail of devastation that we haven't even have time to go into here. People's lives ruined off. They were falsely accused of abductee madeline. And even the case of a woman who took her own life after the media reported on her trolling of the family. And, of course, the awful treatment of the mccanns themselves. But up until now belly, any new Fox have emerged in this case, so what has sustained the story for quite so long? I think it's a combination of factors. This is a beautiful little girl on holiday in Portugal and those images of that child. Amend people by the newspapers when she's on the front cover. That's a fat, so that's one reason it's code on. I think also her parents have persisted. In in pursuing. What happened to her? Trying to find out what's happened to her and. Maybe, his annoyed some people, but. To their mind. I'm sure that they want to know what happened to their daughter. In their hope, tenacity has been extraordinary. In terms of the criticism about other cases, don't receive. This kind of attention is interesting that Bruckner is now suspected of the abduction and killing a four children including Madelyn so. If if this case is solved, you can see how possibly the cases of three other murder children might also be sold and. That would be great testament to the tenacity of the mecom parents. Will it mean for the family for this case to be concluded D think. I sure for the family I think. They said they talked on the tenth anniversary about their hope that. The continued hope that she was still alive, and their belief that she was still in i. Don't realize how strong your until you have no option and I think that's very true. Obviously. Mazda van Slyke this. Calls, a lot reaction a lot of trauma and upset. But ultimately. You have to keep going and especially when you've got other children involved. Model is now less than it was almost ten years ago when it was quite touching. The Joe mixon spoke about. The extraordinary stories of people who'd been abducted thing in their youth in their childhood, and who had since been found alive like Jaycee Dugard in California. It was found. In two thousand and nine, after being -ducted at age of eleven, and he said at the time and this interview to Sky News that he thought that that would be what would happen Maryland some of the scenarios with other people who've been abducted and cat. That's just so unbelievable that you think. Hike adopt. and. That's probably what's. Going to happen with Matlins case and when you hear that, and then you, you see what's happening now. You just feel this pain for them, but I think also the family have said they do just want to know now to have some peace so knowing better than not knowing..

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