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Public radio's full disclosure hi Robin Hi Jeremy so even with the drops in recent days. The market's still appears to be near record highs use say however that by one measure. It's not explain explain. It's kind of weird. If you think about all the stomach lining we've shed since take January two thousand eighteen and I'm quoting Bloomberg here in the period since the S. and P. Five hundred it is hit eighteen fresh records. It's had a correction a near twenty percent loss to more declines of six percent this year and after yesterday you saw the first back-to-back declines of one percent a year you put it all into the blender and afterwards. We're told that the index has done nothing since January two thousand eighteen well. Let's talk about some of the reasons for this. Week's drops the Dow dropped five hundred points yesterday more than eight hundred points just in this very young months so far some say this is just October hct. It's always more volatile than other months but what else is behind the drop well. Let's let's talk about October. First second you think about the three defining market meltdowns of the past century in nineteen twenty nine. I mean I was there. I remember vividly nine hundred eighty seven two thousand eight. We all remember that and you add to that this time around confluence at anxieties for this October Hobart trade talks. If you remember those they're set to continue in a few weeks with China. The U K is GonNa face end of month brexit deadline what if it has to crash shout like Boris Johnson suggests and the Federal Reserve is going to meet again at the end of the month and everybody is talking about impeachment by the way so that is a tremendous amount of headline risk in an in a historic month for for declines well. Let's talk about the manufacturing piece a of this this new manufacturing report from the Institute for Supply Management shows some of the weakest manufacturing in the US in ten years and pins it on the trade war which if we remember correctly president trump was talking about the fact the tariffs were going to help domestic manufacturing yeah but that takes time for that three point turn to happen for China. There's going to be interim pie pain with the trade war and for the the the drops to truly come back here and in the interim it certainly doesn't help that the US dollar are greenback is so strong relative to other currencies and you combine that with the trade headwinds and all these stockpiled inventories that we're talking about and you're just seeing new orders for our wears slumping both exports and domestic demand for factory orders and yet consumer spending which makes up seventy percent of the domestic. GDP still going strong but the worry is GonNa Snow Ball. If when you see this manufacturing pullback result Taymor idled factories more layoffs were starting to see that anecdotally in Michigan are we. GonNa see publicly traded manufacturers step up to announce earnings shortfalls. They're gonNA mothball mothballed projects and actually issue pink slips. Don't take for granted that the unemployment rate is still near a fifth year low and you say we're starting to see that anecdotally in Michigan do you mean because of the the UAW strike that's been going on there. That's right I mean you're already seeing increased furloughed workers across the supply chain but that has to be looked at in the context Jeremy Give Stockpiling inventories for carmakers. They've been complaining about sedans. How much of that sagging demand is economic. I think that's the question on everybody's mind right now because GM certainly has enormous inventories it doesn't have to have these factories running at full tilt even if the UAW wasn't on its case probably had hosted public radio's full disclosure. Thank you thank thank you Jeremy an update on Senator Bernie Sanders. WHO's in the hospital recovering after he had two stents put in following chest pain? His campaign says he'll he'll take about a week off from the campaign trail and he says he's feeling good. He managed to put a plug in for one of his policies. Medicare for all he tweeted. None of us know when a medical medical emergency might affect US and no one should fear going bankrupt if it occurs Medicare for all exclamation point but this hospitalization is raising questions Christians about his health and a familiar topic his age Senator Sanders is seventy eight years old and that came up in an interview last month with Dr Oz. If if elected you would be h seventy nine when inaugurated which will make the oldest president to have ever gone through that process you see a benefit of of the wisdom that comes with seventy nine years of experience look. I think if people look at I lives work which has involved standing up to almost every powerful full special interest in this country. I think people will be impressed by that record. The other two Democratic Front runners are also in their seventies Senator Elizabeth with Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden even though voters would prefer a younger candidate a poll from Pew Research Center in May found that only three percent percent of the Democrats pulled see seventies as an ideal age for a President Democrats overwhelmingly want a candidate in their forties fifties or sixties. Xt's and recent Democrats we've had in that range. President Obama was forty seven when elected Bill Clinton was forty six. JFK was forty three he was the youngest president didn't to be elected. The oldest was a Republican Ronald Reagan who was seventy three when he won a second term. Seventy three is also the age of our current President Donald Trump so chances are next president may just be a Septuagenarian uh-huh. We all have our favorites art pieces that instantly tug at our hearts. It's Yvo can emotion. Take us to a specific place in time for the last few months art lovers from around the world have descended onto. LA's California African American Art Museum Zia to capture that feeling through the iconic painting sugar shack you might know sugar shack is the cover art of Marvin engaged nineteen seventy six album I want you I remember it as a kid watching good times in syndication. I always look forward to it at the end of the credits. You know what I always thought. Growing up watching good times was that JJ actually did this painting. Do you think that when you yeah did I thought that he was the painter who painted this beautiful painting on the the wall. Sam Crews who was visiting from Alabama and I weren't alone in thinking this the actual painter is the late Ernie Barnes a professional football star in the late fifties as an early sixties Barnes is best known for his art creating vibrant depictions of exaggerated and elongated bodies in motion on canvas lose. Rodriguez worked for Barnes and helped in the curation of the artwork here at the Cam. He said that if he hadn't played football a lot of his work wouldn't appear it like it did because because he understood the athleticism there's athleticism even in the paintings art of athletes in the limbs and the muscles yeah well. He's had his thing about strong women strong black woman expression especially like take for instance my Miss America this was done in the seventies and this was way before they had blackness America and so earning. Did this painting saying his Miss America is a strong black woman standing undaunted moving moving forward because he knew growing up in the South during the thirties and forties black women didn't have a lot of power the exhibit takes visitors on a a journey through Barnes's life his childhood in Durham North Carolina his football career the evolution of his paintings and the decades barnes spent living in L. A.'s Fairfax Tax district until he died in two thousand nine. The undeniable star of Barnes's exhibit is the sugar shack will become reminding the scene on the color purple the inspiration for that. I'm sure over the summer lines were out the door people waiting to stand in front of this three by four foot canvas to take a selfie or simply take it all in Barnes has said the idea for this painting was inspired by a dance he snuck into in Durham Armory in North Carolina China. He was thirteen years old there. He saw them men and women hypnotized by the drums limbs loosened by the percussion and the sounds of the horns. It's an everyone's is like in the painting were closed. Jesse Adamson here from Toronto. Canada notices the twisting bodies. I she's captivated the movement. The figures are almost like ghostly like spectral sort of so yeah. I think it's it's definitely like the color serve produces energy but also like something kind of the past or suggesting. Maybe like a ghostly things. That's a little haunting. I guess there are the obvious things people see in the sugar shack painting the woman in Yellow The lady front and center so into the groove she has to hold up redress then there are the subtle little things like the security guard crouched in a chair behind the dancers in the background and way up at the top left of the painting a sign that says dance contest Alvarez Andrei Guzman of New Jersey notices it for the first time on awhile. I'm reminded of like on the Harlem Renaissance like I don't know if the through these little parties parties in their apartments were they provided free food and all that stuff but this now that's what I'm I'm getting a lot of that invited musicians and it was basically a way to collect like money for the community so that little sidelight there just triggered that whole. I never thought of Harlem when I saw this never did that. Sign the kind of did it for me. Up Walks Carey Hall all visiting from England the painting looks familiar reminds her of home the MD tone phones obstinately amazing absolutely gorgeous. I didn't even realize realized them learning now today that he drew this particular photo hell really big in London as well this particular financial. Where did you know it from I've seen in you will not exactly there's a part in east London that does fall on the street that Sovan spy it reminds you of this photo in particular so it's quite interesting to see it right there in your face. It's quite amazing to see it because really I chronic photo. I just see everyone. I don't know I just I just see love very good vibes. Just people enjoying themselves so being who they all the capturing of that spirit the essence of humanity. It's what drew through. La Attorney Jim Epstein to become a barnes collector. I met Ernie bornes back in the seventies. My Law partner at that time was a friend of Ernie introduced me and I bought two paintings from him and then I commissioned him to a painting of my great Dane which he did Epstein owns the iconic sugar shack painting which when he isn't loaning it out to museums like Cam is proudly on display in his REC room. I just love it. I love the allegation. I loved the UH atmosphere. I love the clothes. Is I find I see things. I'd never noticed before quite a bit. It's great. I've wandered out at least three or four times comes over the last five years at least and a great reaction to this best investment ever made Sam crews of Alabama says the painting inning takes him back to a time when life was simple and all it took was a Friday night get together and some friends to feel good real from Alabama Alma yeah we wanted to come to see some some black art because I like to have a painting of that take on put on my long aw four time during the height of the blackest beautiful movement in the seventies people actually did have sugar shack on their walls childhood friends Deborah more rainy and Arlene Goff say just about everyone they knew in Kansas City had a print. Oh no what year was this was nineteen. Seventy sex graduated high school of course we all had the Marvin album and this was uncovered his album so we all had a copy of this piece back in the day family room. I think it was about you to my mother's family room. Yes he had a copy in yes. I didn't know that so this was copied and people would have it framed on their wells. Yes yes they would. Yes just enjoy looking at it every day. Wondering a good times on the sugar shack a national treasure now gaining popularity through the eyes of new audiences. Yeah mm-hmm the House Speaker Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in Florida today meeting with Venezuelan leaders as the US continues to try to ease suffering in the country which is dealing with hyper inflation and in historic Soreq humanitarian crisis the government of Nicholas Maduro continues to hold onto power despite steady opposition from one Guido who is recognized as Venezuela's rightful leader by the US more than fifty other countries. The person by Madero side is also one of the most powerful people in the country that would be his wife Celia Florus who doesn't call herself the first lady but rather the first revolutionary combatant joining us now with more on her Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Hanna Drier and and Hannah before you WanNa Pulitzer. You're an AP reporter in Caracas. Tell us who Silia Flora's is and why she is so powerful so people in Venezuela tend to talk about Celia the like the Lady Macbeth of Caracas. The perception is that she sort of the power behind Nicholas Maduro and a lot of ways she came from the slums she became a lawyer and then she became very close to Hugo Chavez which is crucial if you're going to be in power in Venezuela these days and and from then on she's just had the sort of meteoric political career. She's married to Nicholas Maduro She's also very powerful. In her own enright. She was the attorney general of the country and she ran the congress for many years and how does she exercise that power well so. Celia is known for are being very loyal to the cause for demanding loyalty from everyone around her so people who she is friends with people who she favors can rise up really quickly. One of them became the head of the Supreme Court and people who cross her tend to end up out of power. She's also notorious for nepotism awesome at one point. She got in trouble when she was running congress because she had forty members of her family on the payroll and people were joking that there are so many relatives of hers that if you said Florez in the Congress everybody would turn around..

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