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But I do agree. He probably didn't have a lot. Of control over this. It was probably all the producer making the film. He wanted to make last time with the director that he could been to his will. And just not a lot of strong, creative vision, and general they just repeated the imagery of the last film, the, nurses and the sword and all of it is just shit. We had seen before done at a much higher production budget. And so it's very disappointing. Someone that tried to see the positives of what they had going. I could see nothing but down now that they're stumbling out of silent hill, and it's a happy ending because Sean bean is going to go find his wife, and he's going to let us daughter run off with kit Harrington. It's a happy ending in that it's over. I mean, I don't really know that Sean bean on an endless mission to find his life in an alternate dimension. I wouldn't call it happy happy as he finds her and escapes with her. They might be notable that Sean be not only survived on movie. He's a series of movies or he might be dead. And that's why he. Can't leave. I mean, you could make that case too. But again, this might seem like a tease for part three. Obviously they thought that they could keep this going. That's why we also have this truck driver. Pull up Travis Grady is a character insolent hill five that was a prequel game where truckdriver came into town to rescue a child and found out more about the Colton. How it started there? So they thought that they were going to just be able to continue on through all of the silent hill video games and crank him out in the same way that resident evil did. And this movie is bad enough to stop those ambitious cold is he a creepy pedophile in the game. Or is it just something they did in the movie end that guy was off the charts? Weird. Maybe he was just overplaying the small rule..

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