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Six on xtra sports thirteen hundred athlete money per year thank him out last week and i was six so i'm in no way shape and form put myself in a position right now own a team i think floyd was wanted like two fifty two obviously i don't have a box in hand so boxing won't be the sport i'll be going to stand around the game being around the game will be something i'll probably do for rest of my life either plan for this notice later stage in my career advising people in the nba whatever the case may be but i got two boys and play the game as well so i don't know i can't i can't predict the future on ownership and things of that nature but i have a lot of knowledge of the game i understand town of a no talent but i know the right questions that eggs certain guys and see if they're smart enough to actually think the game as well so now back to the pony express with andrew phillip pony and that was lebron james and i thought the back end of that answer was really telling because it reinforces to me something about lebron james is personality even though from a very young age going back to his high school career when he was such a precocious talent he was on sports illustrated's cover we were declaring him the best high school prospect maybe ever and there were so many expectations put on his shoulders and a lot of they have.

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