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Yes the these shorter answer is he's thinking is yes there's i've been very lucky i've been very lot like you right i've met so many of my pop culture heroes who did you not meet what is needed meet walt disney yeah but the retreat which was a young i was younger those who was it conceivable and it's almost shocking you never met that person uh good question i don't know could crushed jacek could i thought i don't have a ready answer for it well you can ultimately answer is not gone never met john fontaine who who neither lie recently we have allied governments is bed i met her sister levy to have one yes and they did not like each other no they did not know they didn't know they did not like people are more famous further feud yeah yeah yeah i you know i i got to meet fred astaire once that was unforgettable mall at what point of his life was at a toward the end for the end the only celebrities to celebrities who have been tung tight around one of them was gene kelly is like there's no way i'm talking to gene kelly that is just he's a level of god that rain not right and then the other one which should have been the easiest in a way ray harry oust him on there was nothing intimidating about him as a person not every person the world knows who ray harry housing as i wrote my seventh grade term paper about ray harry algirdas you dan and they're he was and i was just like i refuse to go up sumons home how much i liked the skeleton fight what else do i have to say it didn't i sp ha how 'bout you he yuban to untied around i'll look wealth as a kid donald o'connor oh that was the armed albi off that was that was it for me and then i have a costed and terrified rest hamlin which already served you talk about this because he's my first crash because seven brides my favorite movie he was my first crew light six other not brides husband's you could have pit i i did well i think mean for anybody howard keel is like.

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