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You're writing from Arlington and all the way to Fredericksburg the good news there are no slowdowns but they have a couple things to watch for if you're southbound now passing the Fairfax county parkway the report was a disabled vehicle we believe that the vita Virginia department transportation is with the vehicle will watch for any flashing lights along the right side now continuing farther south that cross the Purple Heart bridge of the octagon and would bridge passing the prince William parkway the report was metal debris along the left side and response has just marked on scene so watch for any of those flashing lights as well and proceed with caution again no slowdowns all the way through Fredericksburg if you're traveling sixty six or need to from front royal into Rosalyn it's riding very well nothing reported the beltway remains pretty quiet currently both in Virginia and in Maryland and on the Maryland side yes to seventy rides well for Frederick to the beltway both directions no major issues even on to this for and if you traveled ninety five in Maryland between four ninety five the capital beltway through six ninety five south west side of the Baltimore beltway all pretty quiet even your channel crossings for McEnery as well as a ninety five harbor tunnel through a very quiet this morning what to note in Maryland is two hundred the I CC closed eastbound this weekend for the overhead toll work all traffic diverts at les hill road did you posted D. toward takes you north to nor back which would bring you back to six fifty New Hampshire Avenue where you can rejoin the eastbound I. C. C. there are shorter work arounds listeners just keep checking into tells bond offense if you head south is a lot quicker married upon the WTOP traffic and let's get your storm team four four day forecast now from Lauren rickets well we're watching a beautiful sky right now we are seeing some clouds and we will continue to see some.

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