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And chess game that has unfolded over over near the better part of a decade it has changed twice they've they've under grounded portions of it they've had to shrink it down to two thousand megawatts uh and it's the prices the cost of the project has gone up over the years as the revisions have come in and so so watching this whole thing develop and washing sort opposition to it in new hampshire develop has been basically the story of my career and to cap it off by going up to to see the source of the power has been has been just fascinated so talking of folks in massachusetts who are familiar with this procurement process and i think they're in about six weeks i'll have a decision there are several different projects that are being considered one is the northern pass one is a main project one is to vermont one is with ever source in one is with national grid one of those will win and the rest will lose now some of these are have similar resources that they're bringing through hydro cabaco and wind from ontario but northern pass in fact may not be chosen for this project correct yet in fact there are two opportunities for northern past to not happened the first is this massacre massachusetts procurement um in which there are five power lines competing and a couple of a sort of different types of projects that reserve don't need to get into but there's you as you mentioned there's one through vermont there's two in new hampshire won by national grid which is is competing very directly with northern pass and then there's one in maine and then there's an actual there's actually an undersea project by that's being developed by amarah that will go up to the canadian merit times connecting to the churchill falls and muskrat falls hydro projects which have also been incredibly controversial.

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