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Ryan gibi from union Omaha signed and taken by Minnesota United after losing to union Omaha last year. So if you want to follow that track. Is there joy though? Was just that one thing because maybe I'm again over indexing. Yeah, that's true. I really do like the fan culture. And he said, he needs a good culture, good people. So that part, that part checks the box. Yeah, we debate on the joy. I can't in good conscience tell someone not to root for their hometown team. Like most of these were people who were midway through, or halfway between two locales. So you could assign them did you say he was in D.C.. From Virginia. But I don't think he's hometown team is Richmond. I guess that's far enough away, but if he was. He just gave D.C.. So here's the thing. No, he said he's a D.C. fan back in the old days, right? Back at the start of the league. So he got to experience the highest heights that any team in the league has experienced. And now he can't take a couple of years of pain. I don't think this guy deserves joy already. Oh my gosh. Stick with D.C. for God's sake. I would say, by the way, Matt Turner was still in the league, richman kickers connection. You could have gone New England revolution. And then you have the old Bruce, the return to Bruce. You have Carlos yield. There's joy in that. Yeah. But there's not joy in the fact that they've ever wanted lost cup. So that's less joyful. We have D.C. from Doyle, and I guess we'll take some, we'll take some suggestions from outside to help Mike find his team. 'cause yeah, I'm Orlando, I think could have some joy this year? No. He's a D.C. United fan. He doesn't get the change it because they're bad. Well, Mike, you're no longer adrift in the bay. Doyle has tethered. Doyle has chained you to the dock in the nation's capital. Listen, not allowed. Poor moss wishes, thanks for everything you do. And Doyle just poor guy. Let me just let me give Anders his moment and say, last year, we went to Seattle to root for MLS and CCL, and it was quite joyful and fun to root for Seattle for one day as a person who doesn't. So it can be a cool experience if you lean into it. All right, sounds like it sounds like D.C. it is and hey, maybe this year with Wayne and the boys and Christian benteke, Golden Boot challenger, according to cherry blossom shirt. Yeah, there's a lot to like. There's a lot in this attending games in person at the stadium with the club that you are supporting, nothing better than that.

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