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Around the world about three hundred seventy of those aircraft have been grounded the US joining the ranks of countries yesterday, pulling them out of service acting FAA administrator Daniel L well, spoke to ABC news about some new information in the investigation to create a profile of the flight for its entirety. And when we could see the refined data it matched too closely to the lion air trajectory to candidates running for Chicago mayor laying out their plans for combating crime in the city while appearing separately yesterday at the university of Chicago, Tony practical and Lori Lightfoot both agreed that crime should be treated as a public health crisis park Lincoln called for major investment in community policing and Lightfoot said the mayor's office of public safety should be expanded teenage boy is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the accidental shooting death of a thirteen year old this past weekend on this outside. Police say the fourteen year old was playing with a gun Saturday inside a home near seventy third in Aberdeen. When. The firearm went off hitting Dion Williams Williams died less than an hour later, the fourteen year old surrender to yesterday morning after being identified as the shooter and those are the headlines WGN sports the big ten tournament ends quickly for northwestern. The Wildcats playing without their top player. The injured Vic law felt a Illinois at overtime seventy four sixty nine. So the a lot I move on L play Iowa this evening day. Two of the tournament begins with Indiana and Ohio State this morning at eleven thirty followed by Nebraska and Maryland than Penn State versus Minnesota. The first game this seeping Ford road for the Blackhawks our xfinity Blackhawks report hawks built a five nothing Laden held on for a five. Four win in Toronto. They are four points out of a playoff spot with twelve to play. The White Sox optioned outfielder alloy Jimenez pitcher, Dylan ceased to triple a Charlotte before their ten seven cactus league win over the dodgers. Oakland, wrapped up the cubs. Twelve eleven socks are off today. You Darvish starts for the cow. Dubs against the Rangers. Billy horseshoe has the lead at four under the first round of the Players Championship. The favourite Dustin Johnson to back through five tiger plays in the afternoon. The bears formally announced the signings.

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