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Practice. Pearls definitely go to real life. Pharmacology DOT COM Pickup that free thirty one page. Pdf on the top two hundred drugs a great resource for anybody going through pharmacology I I lay out the most important clinical practice pearls from the top two hundred drugs which also tend to be very highly tested. Pearls on those drugs as well so Go Snag that resource for free. If you enjoyed the podcast today Leave us a rating review on itunes. Or wherever you're listening Those reviews are greatly appreciated allows us to get our educational message Out there even more By sharing those ratings reviews definitely feel free to email a link. Real-life ARMOR ECOLOGY DOT COM to a friend Colleague coworker fellow student And help share in pharmacology education. There's a huge gap. That is absolutely for sure. GonNa Track me down. You can find me at Lincoln. Air Christianson Pharm d be CPS GP You can also find me at rely. Pharmacology DOT COM. Shoot me an email there or one dot com as well and hit the contact button. Those emails should get to me. I do my best to try to respond to everything. So if you haven't heard from me within probably three to five days Definitely don't hesitate to shoot me another email. I might have missed it. Might went to junk Who knows what happened but I. I definitely do try to respond to all the emails that I get. So I'M GONNA sign off for today. Thanks so much for listening Take care have a great rest of your day..

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