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Him. And then I put them in my gear. This I hired this kid and then Big boots gloves big head and just like kind of like a costume body and I had him walking. Just walking around the pitch. You know taking pictures with kids and everything and like I just thought I'd like Disneyland. Like how Mickey Mouse runs around or Donald Duck and they grow around and take pictures and I was like. We're doing that because it's going to be cool because it's going to be like German grab it would ease some of the pressure off of me if I had the cartoon guy out there this walking around because then people would you know. I mean the supercross gets pretty crowded and you're trying to raise busy so I thought what better way to have fun with the kids and and I still got that confidence I need to have. I need it but one of my daughters than it. Actually there was. Talk about duplicating yourself. I can't be two places at one time you did that because is how many times did how many times did. Mc to get get jumped because everybody wants to beat up you know but they have their. H- have their handlers or wrangles off the side. Can You recount any times? I'm not I I can't really recount. I don't remember him running back on Aga- my little kids or something like that. Luckily luckily everyone like most everyone like me attractive if I was one of those guys. That wasn't well. Maybe might get a bucket or if that cost him guy was the guy beating. Mcgrath me then people might I my. It was pretty cool. I'm an active bus. That thing out. I got a A little video. Think plan that I'M GONNA use it before long. That'd be great speaking speaking of her. Who is your biggest rivalry back in the day? You talked about Amazon coming down to those those labs. You weren't one hundred percent and we can always always blame it on an injury. I'm joking but Who was who was who was. Who was the biggest rivalry in your in your career because as you were kind of because you and Carmichael overlapped a little bit. Which because you're kind of one of the greatest of All. You're not the go car. Michael's known as the quote UNQUOTE. But you're one of the best of all time and the king right you they call you the king. And he's the go. Yeah he he..

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