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Sir Go. Wayne stared in disbelief at the massive green monstrosity. Lording over the room, he was nearly twice the size of any other man, his head well above the lanterns on the wall. He's half giant, said go wayne in quiet amazement, but it wasn't just the size of the stranger that caught go Wayne's attention, but his hugh he was completely green head to toe, his leggings tunic his skin, even his elbow, length, hair, and beard all green. His horse was even green. The night it across the room head held high. His red eyes locked on the king. King Arthur stared right back at the interloper as the Green Knight approached go Wayne saw detailed embroidery all over the Knight's horse, and his garments, golden accents in the Horse's Mane, and even solid Gold Spurs on the nights feet go. Wayne looked closer. The strain night wasn't wearing boots. The Spurs were attached directly to his feet. Sir Wayne studied the stranger. He looks like a monster, but no monster would be so well dressed. The Green Knight didn't have a sword or armor. He wasn't dressed for a fight. In one hand he held a Sprig of holly an evergreen man, carrying the fruit of an evergreen tree go. Wayne would have found it amusing. Had it not been for what he carried in the other? A massive acts fit for an executioner it like everything else was completely green and elaborately decorated the Blade glistened in the candle light. The Green Knight finally pulled his horse to a stop. He looked around the room, staring each and every night. In the I, not one moved the Green Knight shouted voice booming through the hall. Who hails himself as master of this House. The king stepped forward and raised his cup to the intruder. Oh warm, welcome to you sir. Why don't you step out of the saddle and have some wide circle? Wayne couldn't believe his ears. Why was Arthur welcoming this man? He didn't dare interrupt. He trusted the Kings Guidance, but the Green Knight shook his head, as he looked around the room at the red drunken faces of the roundtable. He turned back to Arthur. So this is camelot. These are the most fared fearsome warriors and. And all the land, though most honorable nights I had to see it for myself Arthur remained impassive while surrogate Wayne's blood boiled. Wasn't his uncle going to do anything? The Green Knight held up the SPRIG of Holly. I'm not here for a fight I. Don't think it would be fair not against this group of Drunken Babes. You Call Knights. No, I'm here for something else. It is Christmas time, isn't it? Time of joy the time of games. That's what I'm here for a game. Arthur nodded. Go on. The Green Knight held up the giant acts with one hand a swing for a swing I'll kneel right here in the middle of King Arthur's court and let one of you. Fide gentlemen have the first hack. My neck I promise. I Won't flinch in return one year from today I get to match your swing for my. Oh. The room stirred with chatter the Green Knight laughed. None will step up. I thought this was camelot, the beacon of bravery and strength Sir go wayne new. This was a trick. None of us can step up. We'll make the king look bad, and if Google, Wayne knew that Arthur did to. King Arthur shouted folly finds the man that flirts with the fool, but I'll do it. The Green Knight's smile and dismounted King. Arthur marched right up to the man and stared up at the giant. The Green Knight handed the axe to Arthur. Let me my king, Sir. Wayne shouted. He couldn't let his uncle take this swing. All eyes turned to the young night go. Wayne had just bested all of these men during the war games and he was Arthur's blood relative. I'm the only one suited for this swing thought go Wayne. Surg away leaned forward his voice, low but steady. My King if you'll allow me. I will gladly take this swing in your stead. Look around this room. Living legends, everyone, the bravest of the brave, and the greatest being your majesty I'm just a man who has been lucky in this life. CAMELOT cannot lose King Arthur. I suspect it can do without his nephew. King Arthur nodded. Sir Wayne stood and walked across the room, unsure if this was a trick, or if the stranger had a death wish King Arthur handed, his nephew acts go, Wayne lift his uncle. He couldn't tell if the king was proud of him. For stepping up, Arthur's expression betrayed no emotion at all. Sir, go, Wayne, push those thoughts from his mind, and gazed up into the red eyes of the night and introduced himself to the giant. Standing this close to the Green Knight, he could tell he was just a man, a large man, but flesh and blood, though his green hue still went unexplained. The Green Knight Glare Down On. Go Wayne. Repeat back to me the challenge I wanNA. Make sure you stand what your doing. Go Wayne calmly repeated the challenge, just as the Green Knight had stated. The Green. Knight smiled and got down on all fours. He flipped his long hair over his head, exposing his bare neck there was no hidden armor, and the Blade of the axe was sharp enough to shave with standing here with the axe in hand, and the Green Knight Knelt in front.

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