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Even even now with with the rappers being in. You get you just traded it now, you just said, even now you just first question was the start of Joe. Joe wanted to keep Ben. Yeah. But would you now knowing what, you know, I, I will say this, if I knew I was going to lose them. No. If I knew I was going to keep qui-. Yes. And if I don't know then. No. So that's my take of it. It's a risk. You can choose to take but Channing, listen Toronto. Okay, forget about losing. You can't you can't, you know, don't on this. It's not a hedge. Listen, I would take I would absolutely. In retrospect, sure, I, I'll trade Ben Simmons for kids. If if you know you John, if you knew quite Leonard was not going to sign with you and was going to leave your trade Benson. If why for one year. I about you can't know that like, listen Brown. You're going ask him. Like, are you going to stay with us? And he'll say, sure, and I'll be okay that's good enough for me. I want you on my team for this year. And we'll do you know what we're gonna do well enough that you're gonna wanna stay like I would make. That I think anyone in the right mind will make that deal. I'm taking on. I, I don't have. Come on, man. Look channing. It's all about how you sense it. And we're the odds are if you have an eighty percent chance of keeping them I would now certainly strongly do that. Yes. If you, if you told me though, the your breakdown of it is, I think I've got a twenty percent chance of keeping them the no I'm not making that trait. And none of us know answer to that. It's not you asked me the question I told, you know, I told you know, love you, man. But you are. Yeah. Right. Listen. I you gotta take a risk here Joe. Listen. You gotta you gotta -ssume that you're going to win it. You bring Hawaiian here. You're gonna win this thing. And that alone is going to boost your chances of keeping in Philadelphia. Like you, you're gonna have to put yourself out there. Like it's not going to be comfortable is not going to be a bath. All right. We still have the chance to sign him even without him. But that's a whole 'nother matter Channy. Give me something named after someone Brennan. Engines to diesel got said a great answer. Great answer, man, this coli thing, and we're not gonna hear anything about it, probably until you know, they'll get one month finals thirty two thirty three days. Is it like building like is anyone talking about it because I feel like we did a little bit so couple of things. First off. He doesn't. Talk. Yes. Okay. That's number one very true. Number two, he doesn't, you know, and this goes to talk, he doesn't social media out the way like LeBron has in the past or some other guys know. So you don't have that you don't have the clutch sports thing. Listen. It's gotta help Brett Brown was there in San Antonio that they do have a relationship. I know I was actually speaking from national perspective and you said, as anyone else, not many people are talking too much right now, the focus in the finals on, I'm just saying, like, we don't know much about Kobe Leonard. There was something that did come to light by the way this weekend. We should address. It's the first time to my knowledge that we've really heard something specific, which is someone from group. And I don't remember the gentlemen's name, but did go on the record this weekend detail ING more about coli in the Spurs than we'd ever come to believe or come to know should say, and it wasn't like groundbreaking but it was actual quotes on the record that essentially he lost trust in them because they said you're you're clear to play in that they announce he's cleared to play. And he simply did not feel that they were taking into account the pain he was experiencing that he did not feel. Was ready to play and then pushing him to play and then publicly saying he was able to play. He, he felt this was said by someone in his group, and I'll remember oh, the sensually, he lost trust in the San Antonio, Spurs, and we all kind of Sumed that to be the story, but to the best of my knowledge I hadn't heard like, nothing ever said about what in the hell happens anyway. So this was a little bit of detail. But again all under the umbrella of what you would have assumed anyway. Here's the thing about why this summer. I have no idea what he's going to do. And because John, I have no idea what he's going to do it gives me as a Sixers fan. Some measure of hope, of course it does. You know, I. Three or four best he can be hands. I think so. But we don't know how much he values the hometown thing. He's from L A. And, you know, I, I worry I worry about kunai. Yes, I would have traded Ben Simmons at, you know, I think I probably said at the time that I would've traded but I don't remember. Yeah. I would certainly you know now that we've seen what this season held it makes a lot of sense to want to do that. But everything is so. Delicate when it comes to balancing all of these personalities and bring in Jimmy Butler in here was a huge risk because of the personality thing. And his he and Joel came together. They figured out how to jeeze coexist, so well. And unfortunately, Joel wasn't able to play at his peak performance level because of the variety of issues yet and the postseason. But man, you bring Hawaiian does that topple the cart. You know, like I don't know how he gets along with Jimmy. I don't know how he gets along with anybody. It does feel like they've had to walk on eggshells in Toronto just doing whatever they can to try to that's fair. I don't I never Jonny Lee. My some, that's right. I look at his interviews. I look at just the way he interacts with people in the media, and it feels like you got to be careful that you don't say anything. Well, maybe offend Coombe maybe I thing in San Antonio. I mean right. Lost you felt betrayed because they tried to push back like in that made you not play for whole sees. Right. Like that's that's touch. Or maybe he actually couldn't play didn't feel one other thing, just there's a confluence of things today. He missed it. There's a huge story on ESPN dot com and the Lakers dysfunction, and it just chronicles not only last year at a little bit of the past couple of years of the Lakers and magic and Lincoln genie bus, and the whole thing. And of course, there's a lot of criticism going around America today surrounding that store. I've seen some stuff from social media, but the Lakers, run amok, and dysfunction and bending over backwards for LeBron. And all that sort of stuff, but it's not lost on me. John on the same day that, that happens the Toronto Raptors are about to play in the finals with coli, Leonard at the same time that it's like a month and a half or a month since the San Antonio Spurs were knocked out of the playoffs without Kawhi Leonard, like when when we bring it back to Ben Simmons. Joel embiid. And we talk about you got to kind of kiss their rump. Okay. There's a reason we have these conversations if you don't kiss the rump, then they take their ball and go to some other city and then that other city benefits. I mean, think about it when LeBron was with the heat, and they left and one of the things that came out was LeBron wasn't happy that he felt Pat Riley was a little too much dictator as didn't acquiesced LeBron star thing. And it's like all right. So Pat rally went hardcore. When we know Riley's personality loses LeBron LeBron goes to Cleveland, right? Well, what are the heat since then they haven't done anything. So when we talk about, there's a balancing act in the NBA is far as having the right culture doing things to win with, with the team, but also acquiescing to a star. There's a reason we do this the conversation was there's a reason teams, do it disperse loss, by day are irrelevant as far as a contender Toronto got there in the finals. I mean, it's, it's not hard to see the correlation. They're coming up times. Yours will turn to the whole deal as well. John Ritchie, ninety four w summer is right around the corner. And many of you are probably planning -cations with friends and family will..

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