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Welcome to episode one ninety of live happy. Now. This is your host Paula Phelps. Thanking you for joining us as we get a little deeper into the new year. It's a great time to pick up some books that can help you make the most of the weeks and months ahead this week live happy book editor Sandra Bill, Bray talks with us about five books that she thinks could change your life in the new year. And she tells us why you don't wanna miss them, Sandra. Thank you for joining us here today. You know, our our readers get to see what you've done, but it's not very often that our listeners get to hear from you. So I'm very excited press to have this conversation today. Oh, I am too. I'm so happy to be here Paula now, you do a great job of getting out there and finding all new positive psychology books that are coming out and guiding us through what's going on. So we thought this would be the perfect time to sit down and talk about some of the things that maybe people wanna read for twenty nineteen to help get the year starred in it or help the year progress a little bit smoother. Oh, absolutely. So one of the first books that I wanna talk about is called big potential by Sean acre this book is so great to start a year out because it's all about achieving your potential through the power of community. Oh, interesting. What ways did he bring out the weaking us community to retire potential? Well, you know, it's so, you know, I think this is so true. He, you know, just talks about how you know. So many people feel like they're in their own lane, and they have to achieve success, you know, for themselves in their own lane. But he's he discusses and writes about in this book that you don't have to go alone that if you around yourselves with other stars than you will truly be able to shine. And that's something that's hard for us to do. I think a lot of times as individuals, but it's getting probably more difficult because of our relation that. We've we've. Been able to achieve through technology. So does he dress? How to kind of overcome some of that in fine negatively with other. He really does. You know, he writes a lot about how you know, when you pursue success alone, you become stressed, and and disconnected, and you know, you know, while some might say that social media has made us more connected world, you know, others point out how, you know, the one on one conversations face to face, you know, those those are are minimized, and then that can actually lead to more feelings of isolation. Or if when people use social media, you know to compare their lives, you know, to others. It can also make them feel, you know, very alone or ice elated or like, they don't measure up, and he's saying, you know, let's really invest in our support systems. So, you know, we know through all the research live happy, you know, that the more you. Best in relationships. The happier you become and he's saying are support systems actually make high-achieving possible. You know, whether it's you have a team and everyone on your team has different strengths. And that helps lift you up or you have a support system is like cheerleading squad behind you. And you know to uplift you and inspire you and encourage you. So those are some of the things that made me think about from his book big potential. That's terrific. And that's something that's really important for us to start thinking about right now in kind of plan for it's not something that comes naturally now. We kind of have to put ourselves in that situation to connect with other. So it's great now that we have a guidebook for doing that. Yes. Absolutely. You know, I don't think it's the first thing that would come to people's minds, you know, connect Tivoli as the pathway to fulfill your potential, whether it's a gym or. You know, it's a reading group or just a group of friends, and you get together, you know, that that that can really help. You excel ary your success terrific. So what's our next one? What's our next.

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