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On the covert list as well. I mean, listen, injuries or part of the game, right? Everybody's got him. Nobody wants to hear about it. But nobody is as busted up as the Niners. Nobody's this snake bitten is the Niners. On both sides of the ball like I've never seen anything like it, even for 2020, arguably the most jacked up your ever I've never seen anything like this. But since it is 2020, why don't we just throw the virus into the mix as well? For the Niners? You know, just to spice things up a little bit, because all those broken bones and tears and sprains. We're not problematic enough. Never sleep on the virus because the virus don't give a damn. The virus doesn't give a damn about anybody or anything, and the Niners are dealing with that, too. Because wide receiver Kenrick born is going to miss the game due to covet. Brandon look and Trent Williams were added to the covert list is well because they're close contacts a born Cool. Totally cool. That means don't worry about rich. That means as of last night, Nick Moans had exactly one healthy wide receiver to throw the ball to 11 try and Taylor was the only healthy white out on the 53 Man roster as of last night, and he has a total of 77 receiving yards this season. Richie James might be able to come back from injury in time. And they can promote guys from the practice squad, too. Hell at this point. Why not run an ad in the local paper hold open, try outs before the game and then signed dudes off the street to four. Our contracts. And literally. It is that bad. Even worse when you consider Mullins will not have his left tackle, either. So he's got that going for him, which is equally UN cool. The Packers there, not that jacked up, but they've got their own issues, their own cove. It issues running back A. J. Dylan tested positive. He'll miss the game fellow running back Jamal Williams in linebacker Kamal Martin. Were added to the list is close contacts. They're not playing either. So the Packers are down two running backs, but at least they still have Aaron Jones, right wrong. Got a calf injury. He is officially listed as limited, according to Michael Rafa, Low quote. Even if he suits up, it's going to be nowhere near a normal role for him. So the Packers are looking at Tyler Ervin, who has four carries this year. Dexter Williams, who's got five carries for his whole career. Awesome. I mean, this is literally the very definition off a war of attrition. Make sure the NFL is a next man up leak, But that doesn't apply when you lose half your men. It's next man up, not next entire team up and we've almost got that point with the Niners and the Packers have to go without their running backs. You know that overused phrase the one that's been beaten into the ground. And then pulled off the ground and then beat up some more. That this is why we can't have nice things. Damn. It feels appropriate here, doesn't it like we just suffered? We battled and suffered through a Falcon's Panthers game last week with the knowledge that That which does not kill us makes us stronger, and if we could just survive that game, we would be rewarded with an NFC championship game rematch between the Packers and Niners. Yeah, Here's another beaten down phrase for you. If something seems too good to be true, it is. That's true, too. So instead of getting a rematch off the NFC title game between the Niners and Packers, what we're getting is a game between some Rando Sze. In Packers and nine or scare Manages to be so good used to be when the Packers and Niners got together, You'd get the legends Vince Lombardi, Bill Walsh, Bart Starr, Brett Farve, Joe Montana, Steve Young. To go rich. Let it go Rich. Instead. Instead of all that we're getting Nick moans and a few other guys who were issued Niners jerseys against Aaron Rodgers and some running backs that nobody other than their own families have ever heard of. And I know what you're thinking Your Rome given that each team has a position group that's been totally wiped out totally wiped out. Go ahead rich today. The Niners might not even have 11 guys healthy enough to suit up on both sides of the ball right. Rome. So is the game still going to be played? Or they still going out with that game? And the answer is yes. No correction. The answer is hell. Yes, according to every report, that game is on That game is going ahead of the moment The Packers are in California, Thegame is going ahead. And honestly, the question isn't whether that game is going ahead. The question is, Was there ever any chance that it might be postponed, like did that topic even come up in the league office? Because knowing how the league has handled it, it feels like it would take a lot more than one position group on each team to kill a game in prime time on Thursday night. And hell. At this point, they'd be happy to take cardboard cutouts out of the stands. Put a jersey on them if that's what they had to do to make it 11 v 11, Or maybe just switching to seven on seven or maybe play some Texas style six man football. It's what I do know. That game's going ahead. That game is going ahead in the 40 Niners or what's left of them. He's going to show up and they gonna bust their ass is a team is not quit, no matter how many guys were injured or infected. I don't know who's going to play. I don't know how they're going to play. I just know they will play. And if you have to decide.

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