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Okayi'm learning to like unloading zones riot it's yup by the way can't wait for a big asian like when ever that comes with a great but um i'm just really excited and thankful that it's all coming together and you know you just take it as it comes within this industry you just never know them around the corner um and you can do to assume that putting out the 500 just one you win it for no other reason that i know all get an invite hopefully oh you will on 100 in vitamin k 1 billion always hopefully not a three anytime at whatever it takes all congratulations films of to the bone rubes checkout on netflix it limb civic at this rate a networks her to the bone ultra on a on that which is well yes less tycoon on amazon yes and while you're an amazon pick up a book at stream discovered on queen of all media godlouiskoen'sgood to see bodies and so wins another addition of happy size confused remember to review rate and subscribe to the show when i choose over ever you get your polk us on the big pocos person i'mdaisyridley and i definitely wasn't shift despite jillthis episode of happy sad confused was produced by michaelcatanha looked amalhan and cash emma halibut for the mtv podcast network with additional engineering by little everywhere you can subscribe to this and oliver other shows on apple podcast stitchergoogleplayspotify or wherever else you find your favorite podcasts.

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