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Never got a hundred and sixty. Oh wow, yeah, I mean that's a rapidly. The temperature shift can happen. That's yep. Being here because we're at Mile High. I mean, 5280 is actually a chiseled into the steps of our Capitol building and oh, we do have this wonderful Capital, we have reached US Mint, which can be toward and you can actually buy a bag of chopped up money, if that's what you like, the capital, you can. Well, I don't know how long we've had some, you know, issues socially. But there was a time where you could go to the capital, that would be a beautiful tour. And on certain days you can actually walk up the spiral staircase wage to the top of the Capitol Dome about four years ago. The capitol Dome was restored with a whole new coating of gold leaf. So it shines brightly on the beautiful day. That sounds General coming winter time. Everything is decorated with lights, and the whole Civic Center is is lit up every year, so, okay, so it sounds like you can pretty much visit Denver any time of the year. You're not going to be worried about too much of Snow obviously it could be a little chilly and things like that but what are some of like the festival's that if people are planning to visit, maybe they want to put on there. The trip around one of these festivals. So what are some of the festival's that occur then Denver dead? Or there's just too many too too, and now he's a beer festivals, one of the big ones. We have christkindlmarket Christmas time. They serve glogg downtown, we actually have a little ice skating rink setup. We have all kinds of festivals throughout the year, we actually have our rodeo, that's the other thing we have downtown, my gosh, we have so many things here so long, we have the the Western Center which has hosted a rodeo and just as they did in the 1860s 1870s they bring the steer down the public streets to announce the rodeos coming. And so we have we have a lot of Western Wear shops and if you ever go to a village, The Western Complex you'll know that horses and bulls have been there. It's hard to get out of your nose or for sure. That's a major event every year we're having next week, as, you know, the All-Star Game for baseball. We have some pretty good teams in this town. So every once awhile, they'll win a pennant or they'll win a National Trophy and isn't that nice there's not a time in this town that I would say we aren't celebrating something. We have a lot of War of the Denver, as I grew up, never was taught to me being involved in the Gold Rush. Well, there was a gold rush here in Denver, and I was never taught about the significance of coal here in Denver, and in Denver col was mind and Wyoming and it travels down by Rail and a lot of what we did with energy and with Lumber and with dog Cattle was all done through the use of coal. Welchol is obviously being phased out so that they're trying to find more renewable energy but it's still it's part of our history and it's it's amazing to me the extent of the history of Denver to the development of the western United States trains are not really well respected here. Matter of fact, most of the hubs that would come from Chicago was come through Denver and then go south they would go straight South Texas and so there's a whole part of the southwest of the United States has no tracks. So Denver was a major rail Hub and that's why renewal of the Union Station is really. So pretty much all of our light rail goes. There are buses go. There are actual train stop there. And then of course, the A train connects to the airport we really don't miss for anything you do. I'm from Los Angeles. I knew I could get any kind of meal at any hour. I knew I could buy any kind of clothing at any hour, have it all here. So I didn't miss that in the slightest change. In the one thing that we didn't have here, but we have now Trader. Joe's. So we my wife will be very happy to know that. Yeah. Yeah. We we have Trader Joe's. And we have dollar signs and we have the 99 Cent Stores in Los Angeles. We have dollar stores here and so, all kidding aside, there isn't a retailer that doesn't have a presence here. We have some high-end malls, we've got off normal malls, every big box. You can imagine as a presence in Denver. Every restaurant chain has a presence here in the greater Denver area. We're about, I would say Monday for different communities. But nobody feels like my community is it's like we're Denver angels. I remember if you lived in the valley dog And you lived in Orange County. It's like two different worlds. Oh yeah, yeah, no, absolutely. I remember, living in an Orange County, we, we call it the orange curtain. It was basically like you can tell Once you walk, you drove through to LA versus Orange County has like like stepping into a different world that's for sure. We always just to say, did you get your shots to come in? For sure. Will miss them. You're sharing all these amazing tips. I know I've learned a lot about Denver, I can't wait to go back and visit again, but now it's time for The Final Countdown and somebody online time for, for one meal, when they visited Denver, where should they go off for the? I have a place that I love it is in the Stanley, Marketplace Stanley Marketplace is the old factory. Where the Stanley Manufacturing need, the jump seats for jet fighter pilots so whenever you see people injecting out of the jet that was made by Stanley Manufacturing. Well they're long gone but the mom Place now has restaurants and so forth and they make handmade empanadas. Oh my empanadas is Argentine Mexico, South America, flavor dish, and it's wrong with all kinds of wonderful, yummy things and it's a hand food so you can eat it while you're walking, they're delicious. And the only way, you know, what's in them, is by how they fold the edge. Each has a unique Shape song. Yeah. My wife loves him to notice. So we'll definitely have to hit that up when we can visit. Now, like you said, you lived in Denver for a little more than ten years which one are you most memorable stories of being their home? My favorite story about being here, I'll be honest, it's how I met my current lady in my life. My wife passed away in 2014 very subtly and I've been married for forty. Four years and a mutual friend. Said we're telling stories. At the Children's Hospital this year for Christmas have a big tree and we own name Good in the lobby. Well, I got there and she had another mutual friend Beverly. And we both were telling Christmas stories, they bring the kids out in wheelchairs. Someone Greenberg, is the parents are there and it was such a heart-warming experience to see people from all over the area come together to give their heart and just see the smiles on these kids. And.

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