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The post hafner world right and reaped the benefits of after his existence i'm not entirely sure that hefner's existence was i don't know if it falls down as beneficial were not at fault that extremely beneficial at of certain that you're right you wouldn't know it it's a generational gap that's yeah i don't know what it what the world was like before half near eighty israeli i do premiered in fifty four yeah but it really didn't go really big until the '60s it'd be playboy was like a a behind the scenes shadowy type of thing then you add the emergence of playboy ula tv they say the tv show then you had the playboy clubs baltimore and actual playboy by was the playboy contact my downtown on light street why do you know harvard of i was too young to go deir qadis daegu yes he was a member of the actually had a card it was a may the little buddy card that you actually have membership card that you were to show to it was really the amazing i will give hafner pratt lucky he created something you can decide for yourself weather i know he quipped i found him to be i liked him being of a pioneer in the field of wearing pyjamas all day adequate now the coat that of the i mean the the row them at the roro now that's that's the life with a pipe don't forget the pie the pipe as i don't know that we would have they would still existed but i don't know that it would be part of most people's vocabulary how what grotto what played us our current in the playboy mansion if you just say playboy match you might that have been around for platelet will you know playboy mansion at well i know it from the reality show at a very was dating it will cut a legendary type of atmosphere to play we have you here they need when you probably fill in the pool at the data carried out and start another one even have to bring in new dirt for the for the basins of me growing up knowing about the plate will mentioned that some about it he ever get there nobody ever made it a before the debates those store but donna adams dot adam slater great guys greg playboy mansion near think john adams he had he and hugh they free fight he.

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