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And she would not want Michelle lurking in the background there. People wouldn't be paying any attention to by Obama. I'm sorry that Biden anyway, they'd all Michelle would be getting all the interviews. He would be played down on day all in all the lefties and all the Democrats couldn't wait to buying to get the heck out of there. I mean, right now we love abiding. He's wonderful by Ho by nets ago. Without Biden is wonderful. If he was president and Michelle was vice president, they would all be going around saying Please, Joe leave. Thanks. Thanks for taking my call, Matt. Sure, Bill. Okay, here is Bruce Debra's Good morning. Good morning, so I'll try to be brave and I shouldn't go into all the details because it could be Legal proceedings, so I've been an advocate. Besides what's going with homicide. There's a lot of problems in my name, which out it's only decline. There's a lot of illegal dumping. There's a lot of trash code appreciates a yurt in Southeast Isn't that where the millennials are down in Canton? Oh, jeez. Tell me about it. So anyway no, Is that where you are, Because I've been down through there in the seem to think it's a wonderful environment. Yeah, I know. So listen in it, So I've been complaining the badges. I went toe every I went to my councilman's E. Cohen allegedly, and every consideration varies with the mare with mom. The City Council president went code enforcement I went to selling Well, what? What do you do this to run in a junkyard. Next is a modest lot has detached house. 25 by on and 25. He's been around the junkyard for 2.5 years, and that kept complaining about it where and I should board to please and I went to internal affairs about this human resources and civilian review boards. So they retaliate against me. I got arrested twice in the course of eight weeks and the charge was phone misuse. I could no longer call code enforcement that this person was doing this Why would an attorney I'm lightning? I even talked to Mr Friedman, the attorney, Steve that I were tied there, and he was reluctant to get involved in its anyone at exorbitant fees like like $10,000 ridiculous. Well, and so this is what's going on. Now that you have an attorney now representing, you know, and he said he's in town attorney But he's one guy at a one off. It's alright. Only needs is a judge that believes in justice. Well, and I show it to prejudge the pre trial agreement. The judge was telling me that I could love no longer contact Cody Force, which is individual and part of the pre trial agreement. Well, you don't have to contact. You should sue the city of Baltimore, the mayor of Baltimore in the Code Enforcement Department for failure to do their diligent duty. Court lawsuit, you know? Well, I agree, but just a sergeant. But the thing is, is not. It's very expensive to sue anybody, and most attorneys don't want to get involved in it unless they're going to get big bucks out of it, so I had to shoot. This individual that's doing it And some people in code enforcement tell you another thing. Tell your attorney To file a civil rights complaint with the Justice Department on your behalf. Well, I agree what any town attorney Lee is just one person. He doesn't want to get involved in it because of the time it's involved, and the money could cause I'm not wealthy, and they even talked about some type of Donations and start up a go fund me. Well, so I'm not familiar with how to do that than any other thing. It's got to be illegal. I don't want I don't want any money, and I just I just want justice. That's all Anyway. I think that you're Civil whites rights have been violated. We just filed a civil rights complaint against Johnny Ski for violating the rights of Vince's Crab house, and we're waiting for that to go through the pipeline. But anyway, Bruce thank you, but that's Baltimore. Sitting in a Baltimore city's Bruce is living in hell. I mean, he's got a dump next to him and the people in Baltimore City who are supposed to do their job who technically work for him. They're not doing anything right. I always said Baltimore City's slogan trip, but you can't fix stupid Now you can't fix fares. Another one Here is Richard. Hi, Richard. Good morning. Good morning pad. Uh, some years ago, my father, he went to college University, Maryland College Park on the G I bill because he was a combat veteran. And major with psychology. And one day you're sitting in class, and somebody comes in the classroom with the gun to the head of the professor and shoots him. So he, but he's miraculously resurrected and tells the class Now this is your assignment. You're to write a description of exactly what we just saw. So let's make this call a quick, many college exercise. What if I were to tell you Now Joe Barton is leading President Trump in the polls. 91 to 9%. What would you say? Wouldn't matter. Well, I would say that are just lied. But the thing is, here is the point of my call. I'm a Christian. I know Jesus Christ Saviour, and I believe the Bible is God's holy, infallible inspired word and that includes the 10 Commandments. Now Democratic Party convention. They flee, easily deleted the under God, one nation under God from the Pledge of Allegiance. And in 2016 convention, they tried three times to get God in there, and the Democrats rejected him now that would include you if they have no use for God that would include the 10 Commandments, which they're fiercely opposed to So let me ask the Democrats then OK and all the lefties. What is one basis? Should I believe anything you say? Where is your commitment to truth? And I will say that as a Christian for me? No, they're the The lefties are Marxists and their commitment is to lie. Marks wanted people to lie in order achieve power. So lying is the accepted religion and commandment of the Marxists and the socialist left and they are anti God. They're anti God. And Joe buying that Catholic boy from Scranton, Pennsylvania. He's the guy that believes in abortion by leaving the baby on the table. He's the guy that believes that we should go after the nuns and the hospitals and the guys who bake cakes. Because you know they can't believe in their religious tenants. He's the guy that is also the one that says that certain people who want to become Supreme Court judges and federal judges can't be Catholics because they believe too much in the Bible, and the Bible is not constitutional. I mean, this is the things that Joe Biden believes in Yes, he does. And his situational ethics lion. The situation demands it lie if it helps the cause, But see now me are Christians start saying Not perfect. We're saying it's interstate by grace Andre stumble, but at least you know the ideal that I have set out for me and what it consists off. And what I stand. For now, The Democrats have none. Such no party. The party is a Marxist party, you know, and it's amazing. This is something I would ask Joe Biden. And this is something I would ask Democrats who support especially Democrats who supported Lyndon Johnson and John Kennedy and Bill Clinton. Here's the question I would ask you This man has been in a powerful leadership position in your party for 47 years, and he has allowed your party to deteriorate from a normal political party to a socialist Marxist extremist organization. Is that leadership? We got to go, Richard, we're up against the break. Yeah. Is that leadership? That's my question for a man to allow his party, his beloved party that he has been vice president of to have that party transform and turn into A socialist Marxist. Mess..

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