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Partners evacuate. With an American in Afghanistan tells us that they want to stay for now and then in a week or a month or a year, they reach out and say, I've changed my mind. We will help them leave, Blinken says. Fewer than 200 likely closer to 100. Americans wishing to leave Afghanistan or thought to still be in Afghanistan in Washington. Jared Halpern Fox News cleanup now underway in Louisiana after item made landfall yesterday is a major hurricane, leaving hundreds of thousands without power. Governor John Bel Edwards says conditions Are still dangerous is still the case that there are down trees and power lines and other debris and Standing water as well on many roadways in southeast Louisiana, the governor says the National Guard rescued 191 people across three parishes using boats, helicopters and high water vehicles, He says more than 5000 soldiers are working on disaster response. America is listening to Fox News. From the news radio. LBJ News s I'm Jake Ryan. This newscast brought you by Van rossen contracting dot com And Here's what's topping Austin's news. The tax rate has been set in the Leander School district, and for yet another year. The district has brought the rate down for next year. The rate has been set at 1.337 per $100 of property evaluation, but Chief financial Officer Elaine Cogburn Says rising property values are going to offset the decreasing rate. So despite the significant decrease in the tax rate, the average homer will still see an annual increase. That increase will be an average of $56 per year changes. Maybe on the way for the haze school district mass policy, which currently give students a choice of whether or not they wear a mask on campus on the agenda this afternoon is an update on covid protocols that will be delivered by Superintendent Eric Wright has remained among the.

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