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As a building contractor. Brad Wait spends a lot of time in his truck. He's haunted by the possibility that at the very moment his sister Shirley Sherman was being murdered in March. Two Thousand Eight. He was driving by close enough. Perhaps to have heard her scream. I basically almost drove by hunters. House would've been four o'clock that afternoon. I had no idea Shirley was working there that day. March there later that night brand says he heard about the two murders in Dundee on the ten o'clock news even then. He says he didn't know his sister was a victim. That news came later in a phone call from his brother. Dan Danny Call. Let thirty that night and told me what happened. Then Wade says that from that night on the word housekeeper has been used as shorthand for surely as if her job to find her. They're always calling her the housekeeper and it's she was only there for a couple of hours every couple of weeks or a week to her brothers. Dan and Brand Shirley was big SIS. The family glue after their parents divorced when they were young. She was the one that organized everything she would call you before. Somebody's birthday and say you know it's someone's birthday Thursday or or she would get everybody to go in on gifts and our she would help the shopping and that aspect of it is. You just don't realize it until it's gone for sure. Children Kelly and Jeff. She was the single mom who often worked two jobs and stretched every dollar to make ends meet. We were one of the poorest families in the neighborhood Bartending in the evening cleaned houses during the day. Gardening was her specialty. You grow everything. Eggplant tomatoes of five different varieties. Feeding me was probably expensive. So she'd make her own spaghetti sauce. She she kanner on. Cucumbers made pickles out of them. After a lifetime of hard work in her hands and knees Jevon Kelly say their mom had cut back the hunters were among the few clients. She had left so she wanted to clean. Just a couple houses ever allow her to pick up the grandkids from school in the afternoons and spend time with them spending time with the grandkids. It turns out was relatively easy to do the right next door to me every day. Talk me into buying this house. She could see. Her grandchildren. Situation was convenient but Kelly says it was hard to have any privacy who mother knew everything bouquet went and who stayed the night and now the plot thickens. I was dating a married guy. Let me guess. Your mom didn't approve. No not at all. We had an explosive relationship meaning. Meaning things got broke. Kelly says that relationship became so tempestuous so difficult that surely got involved and actively tried to keep the boyfriend away at one point in time. She was thinking about getting a restraining order. I mainly for my daughter Sake. She would tell me not. He can't come over and I would come in one time. She can walk around my house with the hammer in her hand. Saying I want his blood on Amer. She hated him that bad because of what he'd been doing to me in spite of that Kelly stuck with the man got pregnant and had a baby with it. They got uglier from there. She actually started the process of getting my house out of my name so that she could keep him out of the house right after surely died would have been very private and embarrassing family feud became fodder for public speculation. Todd Cooper the reporter says that starting on Day One. Shelly's boyfriend was a person of interest immediately. The name of the boyfriend of Shirley Sherman's Daughter came up. There's a buzz. Could it be him like could it have been in?.

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