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The passing of of america's great icons but you know it's it's a great opportunity to remember that barbour must have you your your dad obviously served as chief of staff for president bush some people will you and i'm one of them frankly that your dad in in february of nineteen eightyeight may may have turned the history in this country as people may not remember bob dole who was running for president dan challenging a vice president had won the iowa republican caucus and he came into new hampshire with the wind at his back in your dad who had supported and was supporting george herbert walker bush the vice president turn new hampshire into winning state the george bush and and the rest is history it's my recollection wrong on that governor i i don't wanna steal my dad's great stories but no you're you're you're pretty much right you are in them at some point you know you have my dad on every once in a while you know ask him to retell the story coming back on the plane from iowa with the campaign team things were pretty somber as he recalls it people were quite down and you know they really expected to do much better in iowa and but really got trounced frankly in a in a great conservative state and they thought and you know my dad saw it as as took on the role of just you know he really believed in truly believe that they were going to turn it around into hampshire and i i don't think people understood what retail politics was all about and the power of it they came back in two weeks later a couple of weeks later it was just a george bush strong sprung right to the top of the field and the rest is history it was great and it was as strong and as genuine of a two or three weeks span you're ever going to find ingrate retail politics that really did change turn to change the face of history so to say and it was great i mean i think a lot of people would agree hopefully with me that i think george herbert walker bush was not just one of the great presidents of all time but just one of the great.

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