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Clara Barton Parkway outbound traffic is slow toward Glen echo beyond the turnaround from Macarthur boulevard on the elevated portion of Claire Barton Parkway a lot of water was seen gushing down the hill likely from a water main break and pooling in the right lane before the cabin John Parkway split A utility truck was blocking that right lane for safety and to assess And drivers were slowly getting by single file to the left heading out toward cabin John on the Clara Barton Parkway On the interloop of the beltway slow traffic across the American legion bridge passed a rock exit but the disabled vehicle is clear Two 70 northbound local lanes beyond shady grove toward three 70 crash reported on the right side The Baltimore Washington Parkway northbound traffic is pretty heavy near and especially beyond the beltway and green belt road had a mobile work crew They stopped for a while near Goddard They may be moving northbound toward powder mill No crashes have been reported on the northbound side recently North found 95 at its heaviest traffic wise near 32 but should just be volume delays In the district eastbound on three 95 at 6 95 the southeast Southwest freeway traffic is still heavy toward the navy yard exits Believe they picked up the works on near the 11th street bridge but he's about freeway traffic's pretty heavy heading toward the end of Costa and the two 95s Arlington boulevard eastbound after glee road crash initially reported in the center of the roadway Westbound on 66 between Arlington and Gainesville no major traffic incidents 95 south routine recurring volume delays between newington and woodbridge Whether you're moving down the street across the country or around the world interstate moving has been delivering quality moves You could trust for over 75 years visit their website at move header state dot com Dave told I WTP traffic Your latest cooler forecast now is storm team four meteorologist chuck bell No lovers have been enjoying this January a lot more than snow haters have been That's for sure The cold air that has brought us several snow chances is coming back later today and into tonight.

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