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Is good as the cost would be and so he was an example In in every way you can you can imagine and And and that's for for our son price than I have been the exam and our my siblings all our family. They been the example for us. Try to to to do what we can to make the Industry Best. It can be one of the unique Elements of Alice Chandler into the pillars of the turf is that she joins. She joins her father Who of course was was one of the you know? When this concept was conceived was was one of the founding pillars that The hall honored with with the Distinction. And it's one of my favorite things. I mean whether it's You know the books by Ed Bolen Matriarchs Patriarchs and tillers of the TURF When you get interested in this game To me it it's not just reading about you. Know the the racing results in the exploits of of the horses in the afternoon. But you know how they how they came about and and really how. The industry was formed and One thing about this and I was looking forward to A. There's been plenty of families. Hateley that that have gone on with it as it were and I. I'm curious if you know from an observation standpoint. You're feeling I mean did you. And and Reynolds. Did you know from from early on that that you were going to be involved in bloodstock and involved in the game well? We grew up here on the farm And so you know you. You've touched all parts of it but you never know. I Love Sports and so I was in the sports and things like that and And so you never know Particularly so it wasn't like Oh you're scripted you're GonNa go and do that by any means But.

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