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Enter the survivors out there as well. I mean faces when I turned to that challenge like everyone's greatest fear when you go out there. Is something happening at home? While you're away and I drive is that I could cry and now so I'm not GonNa go chief Bob at like I really really felt Especially Soleil. That is. Just absolutely heartbreaking yet. I think with that moment you get to know your players on this deep level when you watch them you know support someone through a tragedy on levels you don't I I don't WanNa see that you know but I think that's a someone like ties hasn't got a ton of screen time someone. You obviously have extreme experience playing with. It'll be great to get your perspective by it's hard to kind of see that social game on TV sometimes unless you're Shawnee but it's hard to show those connections and when they put it into focus in such extremes when literally at at a tragedy like that you do discover things about these players. What they connections must be like and what daily life is people to watch ties and especially confidently to wash them all comfortably. I feel like I learned a lot about people beyond the game and that kind of colors as characters from me as view. So Roy Real I mean the a does your new A sense that they really painful at their and they nations nations.

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