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Way towards these ideas also offer testing grounds to learn about the pitfalls that you're describing you know we talked about property and the way this could be for spectrum and intellectual property and so forth in voting even though the voting system it's quite radical we already have a startup that's doing it for polling and market research and we're interested in online agregation and the name it is and we'll put a link up to the site it's called a collective decision engines and in the immigration system you could try piloting it in a city as we talked about you know different areas might take different approaches so with each one of these ideas we have some very near term concrete relatively uncontroversial steps that you can take in that direction and at the same time there's this growing movement i don't know if your listeners follow the blockchain space at all but yeah so within blockchain there's a lot of interest in in these ideas and those are sort of experimental communities that are trying out different ways of arranging things and my guess is that some of them are likely to experiment with this one of the leaders of theorem batalik taryn recently wrote about his interest in these ideas so that's another interesting testing ground but the reason why propose these things such a bold and sort of visionary away even though i expect there to be increments towards it is that i think that we are desperately missing an alternative vision that people feel could potentially address the problems of inequality and stagnation political conflict that we're facing society and i think in the absence of an alternative vision.

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