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Sometimes I think that man probably thing like all they feel kind of alone because they don't have as many women as men in Parker. So I guess my question is it does it bother you compared to you male colleagues? I mean, assuming that they get treated slightly different in the field and online archly not really in general. I try not to like a lot of things bother me. Because if that happens, I would be just rump e girl online training around and stuff like that. So I. I try to see everyone as a nice person and everyone does mistakes or they don't even know. It's a mistake. Right. But you the only woman on your team at why do you think Parkway's male dominated? I think you can also compared with skateboarding. It looks like a kind of dangerous sport where you can hurt yourself pretty fast. And that's just what a lot of people think in a lot of girls. They just see these videos of these guys jumping on buildings and stuff. And I think it's just they don't really know that you can also start lower as a women, and that the sport is actually also for women because it's a kind of as you sat before kind of gymnastics and concrete, it's absolutely easy to start. And that's what you have to show women a reminder that you're listening to the conversation, gasoline Palko athlete dream, L Talil and the German Poku athletes. Okay. So Frank Poku started off as a French military. Obstacle course, but has since taken root across the world online. You can find hundreds of videos of athletes voting flipping leaping and doing all sorts of. Of other heart-stopping moves from Lebanon, Japan. Visit even talk of cocoa becoming an Olympic sport. Now, cookie. I was watching a video of another female Poku athlete, and she said that women bring flexibility and balance to the sport with men. It's more about explosiveness and our dear agree with that. Yes. Yes. I think so because a lot of women come from domestics to Parker, and then they just develop their movement day gymnastics movement and a little bit more park Haresh style. But still with this point toast stuff. And yeah, I see that very often actually agree that about women and men brings something slightly different to the sport. I don't really see that way. Too much to be honest because I think it depends on what the go what to do with it. And what the boy wants to do with it. Although I can agree on that goes might be a little of having a style of flexibility in it. That's. True. But it doesn't have to be surely that goes would do that and boys will do the powerful stuff. No. Because like most of the time. And I am sure. It's okay agrees on that. We do things, and we work on things that requires power or strength. Most of my training is strength movements. I do some mobility and stretching, but it's not like fifty percent of my training gets like ten percent of my training. I do a lot of strength. Yes. So it's just depends on what each one would prefer. I just wanted to say that I think most of the girls who came from gymnastics, they they see that. They don't really have as much power as mine. So they try to get the same jump with another technique like more that not even a gymnastics technique when it's about flips. It is a lot easier for women to do with technique than with strength. But you can actually see every time almost every time. A gymnast does a flip and a non gymnast. Does a flip. Yes. See you can tell the okay, she was she was not their strength and there's technique, right? And has your father has he come round to you love Poku is he now fully supportive. So when I told him I'm doing Palko, he was very very sad. He didn't really accept it. He was like that's not the proper sport. You can't gain money with you won't read anything with Parker, and I had to hear that a long time until I finally had some Parkway jobs where I was working with celebrities, and it was jumping on a red carpet and stuff. And then finally my father was like oh, Hello. My my daughter. She was on the red carpet at that's my towel there. Yeah. Everyone. So. Yeah. Since he knows I can actually pay money with it. And I'm actually happy with the sport. He appreciates it. Ream have your family always been behind you? Yet to be honest. My family was pretty supportive in what I'm doing because they so how much passionate I was with Barkor like with most things in my life. I was pretty normal with it. I wasn't really passionate about something or excited about something. I was just you know, average on everything. But then when I found I have changed so much and they found that I became better. So I think that was one of the reasons they loved that. Although they may think it's dangerous like my mom would be like oh take care today. Please don't do that do that. And I like, no, don't worry. Mom. I'm not doing this crazy stuff, and I would go do this crazy stuff to be honest. But I mean, they're supportive in what I'm doing because they see the impact of on me when I explained for them. It wasn't that. I was telling them I just wanna go and jump from one building to another. They saw that I was actually week because when I started I. Had no sports background. I was starting everything from scratch my physical technical and everything's was from scratch. But also, I had a big support from my brother because he started with me as well. So yeah, he kinda give me support to like do this and told my family that it's something good for me. So yeah. Sometimes I get comments from other relatives in the family or people talking to my Peres. Like, why are you letting your daughter do this and stuff like that? But I think they're pretty supportive. Yeah. You decided to go to Dhbai because of laws while right? Yeah. So actually me and my husband we were in Egypt. Most of us are totally crazy about four core. We want it to spend the rest of our lives doing Barkor, but in Egypt. It's really hard to take this as a career. And of course, we have to have a career like something. To keep us going on. My husband is actually an architect and he gave up on this for core. And we were kind of like not knowing what we're gonna do now with their lives. But there was this. Yeah. But like I actually encouraged him to do that. Because he didn't want to be an architect and wants to do that. He was just doing it. Because this is how it's like do you study? Something you graduate, you work. And you may not even enjoy what you're doing. You have to do it just to get money. And and that's it. So we decided to just follow our dream. We knew about the XP, and we took a course just to get us qualified for working as coaches, and then just one month or two months after they asked us to work there. And it was a dream for Senate happened. Yeah. Like that yet? As I understand it. There's already ranking system the wolf fedaration and free running has ranking for men, but not for women Sukhi. What do you make of that? I don't really know from Huda was again, I'm I'm actually kind of confused why there's a ranking anyway because is it like about this person is won this competition or is just better than this person. Or what can I'm not sure what the logistics the world free writing Poku federation. I guess what I'm interested in more is like the idea that regardless of what the system is in terms of tallying the point. I'm just interested that these one four men for women given that they are quite a few women in Palko. Yeah. The there are lot more women. Now, there are a lot of other women coming to and start training. And I also think that the Dato no so many women so they can make a ranking. They're not so many women who are known. Re what advice what tips would you give to young women who wants to get into the sport? I'd like to give directly actually to a woman in specific and all women as well. But because I know I remember Muslim women go through their lives in terms of sports. I think you don't have to be fit to start. You don't have to be ready to start. You can start at your own level. What is comfortable for you? And then you yourself would set challenges. No one else would push. You don't think about how other people think of what you're doing think about what you'd like to achieve with yourself? Also, the last thing is just start like don't wait just start rain, some solid advice there. Thank you, silky. So first of all, I think that. A lot of women say all I'm I it feels like embarrassing to train and to jump around. Because I can't do that forget about this nothing embarrassing because if you stop Paul core a lot of people will appreciate it. A lot of people will say, wow, you do Paul cool. It's nothing you should be ashamed of because everyone starts at another level. And if you start from zero that's totally a cane in Germany, we say, no master fell from heaven. You just always start from from where your skills are on what level they are. If if you don't know anything about park, get friends, go and do sport together, it's always easier and so much funnier to train with your friends because you just have nice company, and if they already know a little bit of ballpark Hoy, they can help us will always try to get help and advice and ask people. The Paul community is very very openminded. They always help you. If you have any question, you can just come to whoever, and you can ask them a lot of girls are also kids and man beginnings. They come to a power core jam, and they are afraid to talk to the park who celebrities because they think they're a no one. But sorry, what's what's a park who John Opoku jams, basically like Opoku gathering where a lot of tracers traces are the Poku. Your practices. They come together in one spot or one gym, and they trained together that's a Parkway damn. So if you see someone training Parker, go to them and tell them, hey, I do Palko as well and make friends and one final piece of advice. Okay. Don't compare with other people. I had to learn that by my Aaron I did the mistake. I saw another girl doing a big jump. And I was like, oh, I can do that. If she can do that. I can't do that too. I couldn't I hurt myself. And everyone is different everyone moves different. That's the nice thing about Parker. My style is different to yours, and you should break your own jumps and not jumps from someone else. Or for someone else? Always about you, sir, silky. What would be the most thing that helps you deal with your fear in in something, especially when it's something that you know, you can do. But like I'm talking about this kind of fear. Not like the fear of something that you cannot do because that's something else. I know that feeling when you in front of a Jumba near like, oh my God. This is breaking my head right now. Yeah. Yeah. They're a little things. What helps me? So first of all, they're my friends. And if I asked them like all, you sure I can do to jump and they know me well enough. They would never lie to me because I would hurt myself. There would definitely say, hey, I know, you you can do that John bids just about your mindset right now..

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